Be A Heart

began as a place to contemplate compassion, generosity and authenticity, which have carried over as its three main values as it grew into a company that specializes in branding, custom hand lettering and stationery. We seek to bring beauty into the world because we believe that it is “beauty that will save the world.” We love to collaborate with clients who put humanness at the center of their work. Our client list includes Verily Magazine, Darling Magazine, Dig Deep, Elle Communications, Kirsten Marie Inc., Akin & Co, Echo and Atlas, Leah Darrow, Blessed Is She, and countless beautiful couples who entrust their weddings to us.

Be A Heart is located in Los Angeles, California.

Erica is the owner and designer of Be A Heart. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from DePaul University in Chicago, moved to Brazil to work for Heart’s Home for a year and a half, then lived and worked in Brooklyn before moving to Los Angeles. She has a love for her Southwestern roots, bold patterns and all hand lettering.


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