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Y’all, if you’ve been following along on instagram at all, you know that more than anything this holiday season I am most excited about getting married in 17 days. I am working double time to prep our shop for holiday sales + finish the remaining wedding details.

The shop will remain open until December 19, thanks to our two assistants, Chelsea and Kelly who will assure that all orders get shipped and into your hands for the perfect holiday gift giving.

And I just want to thank you all for supporting this business by purchasing our goods - especially this year as I take a few weeks off to marry Paul and go on a honeymoon to Mexico City - the first time I will take more than 2 days off in a couple of years.

Be a heart sale

From now (Wednesday, November 21) until Monday, November 26, you will receive 20% off AND free shipping on all orders (plus! get a free Marian sticker sheet with every purchase while supplies last). no code necessary


And in transparency, we are awaiting shipments for a few products that are holding up shipments, but everything will arrive to your door within a few weeks!

Thank you again for your support,

Thanksgiving Place Cards

free thanksgiving place card

When I first started practicing my hand lettering skills, one of my favorite things was making place cards for dinner parties. I loved to see the way people light up when they see their name beautifully written by hand. It is a simple way to show your guests how loved and important they are to you.

free thanksgiving place card

This Thanksgiving, use these free printable place cards for your table. You can use a regular old pen or use your calligraphy talents to write names.

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Our Black Friday events start on Wednesday 11/21, come back for 20% off your order + free shipping (plus a little gift with your purchase!)

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Edith Stein

Today we celebrate the feast of Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. She died in the Holocaust and she was pure light in this darkness. 

I love this quote by her:

God is there in these moments of rest and can give us in a single instant exactly what we need. Then the rest of the day can take its course, under the same effort and strain, perhaps, but in peace. And when night comes, and you look back over the day and see how fragmentary everything has been, and how much you planned that has gone undone, and all the reasons you have to be embarrassed and ashamed: just take everything exactly as it is, put it in God’s hands and leave it with Him. Then you will be able to rest in Him — really rest — and start the next day as a new life.
— Edith Stein
edith stein quote

If you haven't read her before or want to dive deeper into her life and love of God here are some great books! Click the image to go to Amazon.

Edith Stein Woman

This is my favorite one

Essential Writings

Embracing Edith Stein

by Anne Costa


Spiritual Essays

Written by Edith

We're Getting Married!

Paul asked me to marry him on January 6, 2018 in Joshua Tree, on a pile of boulders overlooking the vast land, just the two of us. It was pure magic. We are getting married on December 8, 2018 (the feast of the Immaculate Conception!). We asked Sarah to come to my neighborhood to capture us where we spent many of our dates and time falling in love. 

We drink so much coffee so we had to photograph the coffee shop down the street from my house. 

Then over to Echo Park Lake for a little stroll. 

We saw the churro set up and knew we just had to have some. We patiently waited in line and then had the most delicious churros of our lives. (I got her card so that we can hire her to come to the wedding!)

Paul is my guy and I am ever so lucky to have his love and to get to journey through the rest of our days together. 

All photographs are taken by Sarah Ellefson

 Looking for the perfect wedding gift? Grab our brand new blind embossed wedding vow art. 

Looking for the perfect wedding gift? Grab our brand new blind embossed wedding vow art. 

The Resurrection.

Easter Comes

For years now, I've been saying that my story is one of resurrection. I have lived days, months, years in darkness and one day the stone was rolled from the tomb and my life was flooded with light and hope. 

Something I love about the liturgical calendar is that the cyclical nature helps us reflect on how God acts and moves in our lives. Today is Holy Thursday and I remembered having written something about Holy Week two years ago after a break up. I searched for it and read it, tears filling my eyes. Somehow in my sadness, I was able to see that the story didn't end there.

I have had a blog post drafted since the week I got engaged about the process of meeting the man I'm going to marry. I remembered finding so much hope when Christina shared about her trials and difficulties of dating and ultimately meeting her now husband, Christian. I wanted to give other gals who are (im)patiently waiting to meet their spouse, hope, too. 

I hadn't felt called to share that story yet. And then while reading my two year old post, through the tears, I audibly laughed. Easter isn't about this event that happened once, an event that happened over 2,000 years ago, an event that none of were present for. Easter is happening all around us, today, in our current lives! And we can see it and experience it if we are present in the here and now. We are a resurrection people, after all. 

I will quote myself from March 25, 2016:

I am a part of humanity, I am not exempt from the suffering. But I also know that light enters the darkness and overcomes it. I know that on the other side of sadness is joy. I know that the suffering is not for naught. I know that Easter comes.

It took me almost a year to heal my broken heart from that relationship that ended two years ago. It wasn't an easy one. I felt unloveable and unable to love another well enough. But things changed, hope returned, I got to serve my community through my business here at Be A Heart. I did so many things I love, I traveled, I had spiritual direction and weekly therapy. Yet, two weeks before I met Paul in May 2017, I sobbed to my therapist that I would never.ever.ever. meet anybody. ever. 

 Photograph by Sarah Ellefson

Photograph by Sarah Ellefson

And then one day, at my friend's housewarming party, there he was sitting alone at a table. I believe that both Paul and I were seeking God’s presence in our lives and in that seeking we found each other. He is my every day Easter. God surely did lead me to the joy, the hope, the light of the resurrection and continues to do it in all areas of my life. Let this year's Triduum be a reminder that suffering doesn't last forever and only ever leads us to more love and light than we had before.

We must continue to live in the hope of the Resurrection.