Written By Hand Gift Pack.

We've been getting a lot of inquiries about what kinds of pens to buy with Written By Hand to make the perfect Christmas gift pack for friends/daughters/moms. 

So I rounded up all my favorite things to write with. You can find an easy, full list here on Amazon

We are so excited about the launch of the book on November 21! And don't forget you can get it at a pre-sale price until then!

Christmas Cards.

There are so many amazing options for custom Christmas cards around the internet, but something I find over and over again is that there aren't enough Christian Christmas messages on these cards (that ol' cliche saying to keep Christ in Christmas). 

I get a lot of inquiries for these so this year we are so excited to offer 18 different hand lettered Christmas messages. These can be uploaded to a site like Vistaprint (which is my prefered vendor - spend the extra money to upgrade the paper). 

Get your family photos taken (I dream of family photos by Elissa Voss, Meredith Amadee or Sarah Ellefson). Then upload them to the site. Next uploaded one of the files of your prefered message and it will place over your photo! 

It's super simple and you'll get something so beautiful and custom. 

You can also use the files to create a Christmas card design without a photo - they come in traced vectors in illustrator

You can purchase and download the 18 messages here! And once you get your cards, be sure to tag us on instagram @beaheartdesign and tag #beaheartchristmas

Written By Hand.

A year ago, my publisher at Quarto approached me about writing a book. I remember how excited and nervous I felt as I signed that contract. I was unsure of my abilities. 


I rented a little house in Joshua Tree for a few days and sketched out my initial ideas and concepts. 

Since then we worked and reworked all of the content to be just right. 

Written By Hand is a workbook to help improve your every day handwriting to make your life more beautiful. 

I loved thinking about this idea that this simple thing that we do regularly could bring more beauty to the world. It doesn't have to be executing huge DIY craft from pinterest or emptying your wallet on the new Target line (although it's really good). We could all just improve our writing and that could improve our every day. 

There was a moment that I had to let go of what this book would be. I put in the work and I had to trust the publisher to carry it further.

When I received the advanced copy a few weeks ago, I couldn't believe it's beauty. The cover is super thick like a board book and the pages are nice and thick so you can actually write in the book. It was surreal to see my name on the cover and the spine. 

I am so excited for it to reach everyone's hands and to be able to use and love it. You can buy it on Amazon right now for less than $12 as its pre sale price! It will arrive in your mailbox on November 21st!

AND if you're in the Los Angeles area, we invite you to the Book Launch party on December 2nd at Makers Mess. You can find out more info here.

xx, Erica

Photos by Rebekah Lemire

Summer Favorites

I used to love back to school time because that meant updating my wardrobe and buying new school supplies! I still tend to shop in cycles and these are currently some of my favorite things!

1. I love a loose white button down and have one from Everlane and one from Madewell 
2. I got these high waisted shorts this weekend and don't want to take them off. 
3. I've had my Avarca sandals for a year now and wear them with almost everything. 
4. I love the look of round tortoise sunnies.
5. I got a leather backpack in Mexico City last year and love it and saw that Madewell got a really similar one this season!
6. The Blessed Is She Planner keeps my life in some kind of order. We sold out of the academic year planner, but now the calendar year is up for pre-sale. 
7. My favorite journals and anything paper come from Muji and I always have a million Le Pens lying around. 
8. Loving our newest greeting cards (especially this thank you card) to send to friends for happy summer mail. 
9. Kombucha is my favorite summer drink and Health-Ade is the only one that is consistently delicious. 

What are you loving this summer and back to school time?!