Vectorize Your Hand Lettering.

hannah-hoggatt-photoraphy_0025 It is one thing to be able to do calligraphy, brush lettering or any other hand lettering techniques, but it is another to be able to digitize it.



When I learned how to do that, it was a real game changer for me. It took my hand lettering hobby and made it into a viable business.


I am so excited to finally be teaching a class of my best techniques to do this easily. In this class you will learn how to take your work on paper and vectorize it, enabling you to make beautiful prints, holiday cards, lettering photo overlays for your social media, logos and more.

You will learn how to fix common errors and keep your lettering looking natural and hand done.

Please note that you will need to already have basic skills of hand lettering and bring your own favorite supplies to create something at the class or come with a few pieces of work prepared to digitize. Plus, you will need to bring your own laptop with Adobe photoshop and illustrator - if you don't have those programs, it's okay! The day before the class, you can start a free trial of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

You can purchase your ticket over at Makers Mess here!


Fall Calligraphy Classes.

Modern Calligraphy at the Mondrian We are so excited to be traveling with our Modern Calligraphy Workshop Class for the very first time! Check the list below to see if we're coming to your city and gather your friends to sign  up! If you don't see your city, let us know where you'd like us to go.

chicago 25 Chicago 27

 chicago brush evanston calligrpahy class

 indianapolis minneapolis

phoenix phoenix brush


Thursday August 25th - Chicago, IL, Beginner Modern Calligraphy Class

Saturday, August 27th - Chicago, IL, Beginner Modern Calligraphy Class & Beginner Brush Lettering Class

Sunday, August 28th - Evanston, IL, Beginner Modern Calligraphy Class

Tuesday, August 30th - Indianapolis, IN, Beginner Modern Calligraphy Class

Sunday, September 18th - Minneapolis, MN, Beginner Modern Calligraphy Class

Thursday, November 10th - Phoenix, AZ, Beginner Modern Calligraphy Class

Friday, November 11th - Phoenix, AZ, Beginner Brush Lettering Class

Saturday, November 12th - Tucson, AZ, Beginner Modern Calligraphy Class

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If you can't make it to an in person class, you can still take our Online Modern Calligraphy Class on Skillshare - if you're a first time user, you can sign up for 3 months premium for only .99!

Online Modern Calligraphy Class!

modern calligraphy online class In some of our most exciting news yet, we just published our Modern Calligraphy Class ONLINE over at Skillshare. This summer they are offering a special - 3 months of Premium membership for .99 if you're a new user! That means you can take the class and many other amazing classes for just .99 with this link.

Our class goes through my favorite supplies, how to use them, basic line strokes, common errors, letterforms and connecting letters. Then a quick brief for a final project! The best part (I think) is that Skillshare allows you to engage with the teacher, so as you need help along the way, I will be available.

As an added bonus we are offering all enrolled Skillshare students a free download of our Beginner Modern Calligraphy workbook and a discount code for our Modern Calligraphy Kit.

We can't wait to be adding more classes to the series like Brush Lettering, Advanced Letterforms and Digitizing your work.

Share the link with your friends and they can get 3 months of Premium membership for .99 as well!

Creative Hour at Skybar at the Mondrian.

Modern Calligraphy at the Mondrian On Tuesday night, I joined Skybar at the Mondrian to host their first every Creative Hour. Every Tuesday there will be a new class paired with their signature, summer cocktails. And afterward, you can stick around for their Tunesday.

Modern Calligraphy at the Mondrian

This week, we had an amazing group of people: Jill from Beverly Press, Sara Kitnick from E! News, Eliza Krpoyan from LA Confidential, Rachel Marlowe from Self & Vogue, Dana Covit from Refinery 29, Kyle Huber, Nicole Cogan and Lisa Dengler!

Modern Calligraphy at the Mondrian

Modern Calligraphy at the Mondrian

Modern Calligraphy at the MondrianOn August 9th, I'll be back to Creative Hour teaching brush lettering and making greeting cards. You can register here. But if you're looking for Modern Calligraphy, check out our Events page to find other classes in Los Angeles and around the country.

Modern Calligraphy at the Mondrian

Modern Calligraphy at the Mondrian

You can also purchase our Beginner Modern Calligraphy Kit in our shop where you'll receive this beautiful workbook and all of my favorite tools to get you started!

Modern Calligraphy at the Mondrian

Modern Calligraphy at the Mondrian

Modern Calligraphy at the Mondrian

xxoo, Erica


Fall Classes.

_DSC9452(photography by Meredith Amadee)

Be A Heart classes are finally coming to Los Angeles!!! I couldn't be more excited to have been invited by the new studio in my own neighborhood, Makers Mess, to teach four classes over the next two months.

_DSC9497 (photography by Meredith Amadee)

I am totally humbled and honored to be amongst so many amazing makers in the LA area. Check them all out here. And then sign up for classes via these links:

Beginner Modern Calligraphy

October 21st

November 14th

Beginner Brush Lettering

October 27th

November 17th


Full Calendar









I cannot wait to meet all of you!

xx, Erica