Grotto Network Mini Film

On a day in March, Gino met me and my husband at our house to follow our morning routine before I headed into my studio. Grotto Network had sent him to film a day in the life of a Catholic entrepreneur. He asked to come on a day where he could capture the insanity that is running a small business so I invited him on a day with a photoshoot to launch our Easter Collection.

After he left, I was mortified that he captured me on a day where I was a little off kilter - so nervous about how my new line would be received. It felt much too vulnerable to be filmed in such a state.

Today the mini film came out and it’s so gorgeous (despite my very bad hair day). I talk about the importance of beginning again and starting my day rooted in prayer.

You can watch it here!

Shop Small Saturday


In honor of Shop Small Saturday, I thought it would be a perfect time to answer some common questions that I get about how Be A Heart was started!

First of all, my name is Erica Tighe and two weeks from today I will be married to Paul and become Erica Tighe Campbell! I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and lived there until I moved away for college. My first year was spent at Marian University in Indianapolis until I transferred to DePaul University in Chicago where I got my degree in Sociology.

Photography by Lexi Popa

Photography by Lexi Popa

heart's home brazil
heart's home brazil

After college, I joined Heart’s Home and lived in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil for 18 months. Before going there, I read one of their publications that said that our job was to “be a heart - nothing but a heart.” I loved that concept and hoped to live it with my life. I made a blog called Be A Heart where I wrote about my daily life.

I moved to Brooklyn after Brazil and stumbled my way through trying to figure out what I was to do with my life.

After two years in New York, I decided to move to Los Angeles to be closer to my family in Arizona. While I was job searching, I started selling custom calligraphy quotes on Etsy - something that had become my hobby in New York. My brother also helped me build a website and we called this new business, Be A Heart (because I had 500 instagram followers, which we didn’t want to lose and it now makes me laugh!)

In February 2015, after not being able to find a job that felt like the right fit, I decided that I would try to be a full time designer. I had no idea what that meant or where the work would come from. I did a lot of small custom projects and when I didn’t have work, I made my own paintings. I put the few products on my website and made a few sales.

That summer, I taught my first calligraphy class and fell in love with teaching in this form. I made a calligraphy kit after that and taught more and more classes around the country. I LOVED meeting and connecting with people over the next few years.

In March of 2016, I was published in Elle Magazine and I think that is still one of my favorite moments of my career.

In October 2016, I signed a contract to write my first book, which came out in November 2017.

In January 2017, I hired my first employee and we were now a team of 2!

We worked on so many events, calligraphy classes, branding projects for other companies and products in our own shop!

In January 2018, we became a team of 3 - Chelsea is our design assistant and Kelly manages the shop! This year has been such a balance of trying to figure out how to plan a wedding and run a business! We launched our first swaddle blankets (!!) and the bathing suit that gave me so many gray hairs.

be a heart calligraphy studio design los angeles silverlake

The Marian Bandana was a bigger hit than I ever expected and now we are working on producing more of our own products on top of our work for other companies.

In August of this year, we moved out of my house into a gorgeous studio in Silverlake, Los Angeles. We are now not tripping over each other and have some room to expand.

And soon enough, I’ll be a married woman and am excited to see how the change in my personal life affects what comes into my work.

We are so appreciative of you supporting this small business.


Best Women's T-Shirts

best-t-shirts I do most of my clothing shopping at thrift stores and yard sales. I love the eclectic pieces that I find. However, it is rare that I buy shirts this way. I've been getting frustrated with the amount of skirts and bottoms that I have collected without tops to pair. I'd bought a few blank tees from Target a couple of months ago, but they are a little too casual. It's always a bit of a challenge to find a nice fitting t-shirt. One that is good quality and won't be ruined after a few washes, is soft to the touch, fits me in the shoulders and isn't so tight to my skin. I decided to splurge a little bit and buy a week's worth of t-shirts from Everlane.

I have loved their business model from the first time I discovered them in 2012. They believe in radical transparency and under each item of clothing they break down all the costs. They also show you the factory where their clothes are made. Talk about bringing humanity to business. All too often I do not question what is going on behind the scenes of the businesses that I support with my purchases.


Not only am I personally raving about the shirts that I bought, but I have been getting a lot of compliments on them. Who knew a simple white T-shirt could make such an impression! I was out in a large group of people on Friday. I had five women reach out to feel the fabric of my shirt.

My two favorite shirts were


The Cotton Tank, $18 and


The Cotton Heather Box Cut, $18

They are just the perfect things to throw on with shorts, with a skirt, with a pair of jeans. These shirts are the best women's t-shirts that I can find. The quality is worth every penny and I can feel good about who I am doing business with. Even these little things lend themselves to "being a heart."

xx, Erica


Father Richard Rohr.

god-is-a-verb-more-than-a-noun This quote is from the June 28th, 2015 reflection entitled, A Different Consciousness, written by Richard Rohr and sent out by the Center for Action and Contemplation. Hand lettered by Erica.

I currently cannot get enough of Richard Rohr.

I discovered him over a year ago when my parish in Brooklyn (if you live there, you have to check out the Oratory of Saint Boniface. it's the bomb) held a 12-step book study. It was open to anyone and everyone who was interested or involved in any sort of 12-step. We spent a few months gathering and discussing RR's book entitled, "Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps." He relates the 12 steps to the gospel and basically says that everyone has addictions--addictions to work, exercise, substances, etc etc etc. I read the book in its entirety from the moment I cracked it open. It captivated me. I loved his soothing, yet firm voice.

Then, I signed up for his daily emails (you can sign up for them, here). He writes the first words that I read every morning and I have come to rely on his insights on faith and life.

I am working through reading all of his books (or listening to him read them to me via audiobooks). Check them out here. I also just figured out that they post his homilies online.


He is a Franciscan priest bearing witness to the Perennial Tradition. I love what his website says about his work:

Drawing upon Christianity's place within the Perennial Tradition, the mission of the Living School is to produce compassionate and powerfully learned individuals who will work for positive change in the world based on awareness of our common union with God and all beings.

Here is a man not only living to "be a heart," but also a man who is guiding me daily to be this as well. He talks so much about bringing our level of consciousness higher. (I'm currently listening to a homily and he just said "how come you can't trust? just as fear feeds on itself, so trust feeds on itself. You have to practice." Seriously! So good!)

I found out a month ago that my Godmother personally knows Richard Rohr from his work back in the day in Cincinnati. I love the way I found my way to him individually only to find out that 5 of my family members follow him as well.

Present Perfect Film.

This is absolutely amazing. I just found out that there exists a child care program in the same place as an elderly home. What?! How am I just finding out about this now. Evan Briggs is producing a film about it. It's called Present Perfect. They are crowdfunding over on Kickstarter to be able to finish it and get it out into the world. I've watched the video a few times now. This gets me so excited. I think THIS is how we create a generation of people who are "hearts" in our world. Check out this research:



photo credit

I think I want to give up this whole business and go and start one of these myself. I sure know that my grandparents would benefit greatly from something like this.