Christmas Presents.

14 days until Christmas and I am only making a Christmas list tonight. I've been searching on everyone else's gift guides and here is what I've collected for mine:

xo, Erica

A few of my favorite things.

A little round up of a few of my favorite things at the moment. What is on your Christmas list? a-few-of-my-favorite-things

PURSE Need Supply Co

How cute are these SOCKS?? Odd Pairs

I love ANYTHING from Everlane

Have you seen these build-your-own WATCHES  Tinker

I have such a crush on this FIG TREE fad. You can get it with free shipping from Amazon

We sold out of our CALLIGRAPHY KIT, but now it's fully stocked! Grab it here I Like That DIY


rb_logo_black_340px One of my favorite things to do is borrow jewelry from my best friend. She has this beautiful collection of statement necklaces and while I have a few of my own, I've already over worn them since they do just as their name says and make a statement. So when Rocksbox approached me about their brilliant idea of borrowing designer jewelry for $19 a month, I was sold.

I received my first set over the weekend and it was like receiving a present! Everything was wrapped so delicately and even exclaimed my name "ERICA!," which made it feel so personal. After signing up, I took a quiz to tell them about my style preferences and they sent me three pieces from the Gorjana Laws of Layering collection.

I wore it out to a party this weekend and paired it with my Everlane tee and jeans today at work. And once I am tired of it, I'll send it back with a prepaid shipping label and await my next collection!!

And if there is ever a piece that I don't want to part with, I just keep it and they will charge my account for it! You can sign up, too, and get your first month free when you use the code BEAHEARTDESIGNXOXO

Best Women's T-Shirts

best-t-shirts I do most of my clothing shopping at thrift stores and yard sales. I love the eclectic pieces that I find. However, it is rare that I buy shirts this way. I've been getting frustrated with the amount of skirts and bottoms that I have collected without tops to pair. I'd bought a few blank tees from Target a couple of months ago, but they are a little too casual. It's always a bit of a challenge to find a nice fitting t-shirt. One that is good quality and won't be ruined after a few washes, is soft to the touch, fits me in the shoulders and isn't so tight to my skin. I decided to splurge a little bit and buy a week's worth of t-shirts from Everlane.

I have loved their business model from the first time I discovered them in 2012. They believe in radical transparency and under each item of clothing they break down all the costs. They also show you the factory where their clothes are made. Talk about bringing humanity to business. All too often I do not question what is going on behind the scenes of the businesses that I support with my purchases.


Not only am I personally raving about the shirts that I bought, but I have been getting a lot of compliments on them. Who knew a simple white T-shirt could make such an impression! I was out in a large group of people on Friday. I had five women reach out to feel the fabric of my shirt.

My two favorite shirts were


The Cotton Tank, $18 and


The Cotton Heather Box Cut, $18

They are just the perfect things to throw on with shorts, with a skirt, with a pair of jeans. These shirts are the best women's t-shirts that I can find. The quality is worth every penny and I can feel good about who I am doing business with. Even these little things lend themselves to "being a heart."

xx, Erica