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Blessed Holy Week! I am currently so inspired by Pope Francis’s homily yesterday for Palm Sunday. You can read the full transcript here.

There is still a little bit of time to order your Easter Party Goods and receive them in time for your Easter Sunday celebrations. (Order before Wednesday 9am EST.) AND the real beauty of the Church is that we celebrate Easter for 50 whole days! Surprise your friends with a beautiful Easter brunch for weeks to come!

To help decorate for your party, enjoy our free banner download. All you have to do is download the PDF, print it from your home computer, cut out the triangles and attach to string. I like to use cotton twine!

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Saint Andrew's Christmas Novena

For my confirmation, my grandmother framed a prayer that was written by hand by her mother and gave it to me. Years later it has become my all time favorite month of prayer in the whole year.

Everyday from Nov 30 to Christmas, you pray this prayer 15 times in a row. It becomes very meditative and I'm usually pretty sad on Christmas when it's the last day of reciting it.

I've only told a few people this story, but three years ago, I was really unhappy with my job - was perpetually trying to figure out my place in the world, what I was called to do. For my Christmas Novena, I prayed about it and asked guidance. In the last days, I started thinking about being a calligrapher. Don't ask me why. I still didn't even know how to use the pen correctly (I always tell my students that I used the wrong side of the nib for FOUR months before figuring it out).

Case in point, this present that I made for my spiritual director that year. I mean, it was really bad:


But at the end of the Novena I told this guy I was talking to "I know this is crazy, but I think I'm going to be a calligrapher." He literally laughed at me and told me that wasn't a real job and asked me if I would just put a sign on my bike saying "calligrapher." I kind of brushed it off and went about my life.

A year later when people asked me what I did for a living, I honestly was able to say, "I am a calligrapher." I still don't understand how that all happened, but I can say that it has all felt as a divine grace that carries me.

Last year 10 seconds (literally) after finishing my last of the 15 times of the day on Christmas, the guy I was currently talking to facetimed me, switched the camera for me to see where he was and asked if it was my parent's house. I swear I had just talked to him earlier that day when he was in New York City. He brought presents for my whole family and asked me to be his girlfriend. It was so magical. I wanted to be bitter about it (I'm good at that) and say well, that went sour a few months later. But holy moly what a year it has been. That relationship and breakup taught me more this year than I'd learned in almost any other year about relationships and life and love. I have grown exponentially and don't even know if that man standing there a year ago would recognize the woman I am today. In all of that I see the answer to my prayers.

So a day late because yesterday was pure insanity over here, I wrote out the prayer that you can put on your phone and desktop to remember to pray each day. I hope it brings you many many blessings as it has for me. You can download below:


Personality Types.

mb Alex and I have been really into the Myers-Briggs Personality test lately. Have you ever done it?

I did it back in high school, again in college, last year at my job and again this year. I get the same thing every time, INFJ. He is an ENFP.

We've been asking all of our friends to take the test, too. We love this one found on 16 personalities.

Why do we love it so much? Because it's so telling about the personalities of everyone and helps us navigate those friendships and relationships.

For example, I noticed in my description that it says that I am very sensitive, "When someone challenges or criticizes INFJs’ principles or values, they are likely to receive an alarmingly strong response. People with the INFJ personality type are highly vulnerable to criticism and conflict, and questioning their motives is the quickest way to their bad side."

Last weekend, I was criticized by some of my loved ones for ruining all the fun all the time. Everyone started arguing and I totally shut down. I had an alarmingly strong response. The next day I reflected and saw it for myself. So next time I experience criticism, maybe I can catch myself before I storm off.

We are in the middle of planning a weekend trip to Big Sur. I'm noticing everyone's personality types coming out as we prepare. Instead of fighting them, it is so helpful to recognize it as their personality and be more consciousness of their needs, their strengths and their weaknesses.

I was interested to see the personalities of the people that I interact with on a regular basis. One of my best friends discovered that her boyfriend and I are both INFJs and she is almost the opposite of us.

I created this  book to track my friends and I'm offering it as a free downloadable PDF so that you can do the same!

Here are directions for how to assemble.

1. Download PDF and print double sided.

2. Cut down the middle of the pages while the pages are stacked.

mb-23. Put the bottom half on top of the top half.

mb-34. Fold in half and add staples if desired.

mb-45. Add all the people you can get to take the test - friends, family and coworkers.




I'll be checking out this book soon about how all the personality types!