Giving Back.

I missed Giving Tuesday (when you take an extra day for a holiday for travel - you end up thinking that Tuesday is Monday...) But I didn't want to miss out entirely. Here is a list of the 3 places that I will for sure be donating to this season (in no particular order)

1. Homeboy Industries
If you haven't read Fr. Greg Boyle's book Tattoos on the Heart - you must run and get it (and buy it for every person on your list). He also just published his new book called Barking to the Choir

I love the work that they are doing in my own city of Los Angeles. You can find out all about their work with former gang members and formerly incarcerated men and women on their website

I will also be watching the documentary as soon as I can (how did I miss this). 

I listened to him on NPR Fresh Air on our ride home and this quote really struck me:



2. Heart's Home
Heart's Home is the organization I volunteered with for a year and a half in Brazil. I'm sure you've heard me talk about their work so many times. This year they are raising money to fix a roof in Romania. You can find the GoFundMe here!

3. DigDeep
DigDeep is run by my friend, George. They bring clean water to the Navajo Nation. Their website is full of amazing videos of their work. This year they are trying to bring clean drinking water to an ENTIRE village! Get all the info for the Navajo Water Project here

Today is the last day for our 40% off sale - we are so blown away by all of the orders. If you saved a lot from the sale, consider donating a percentage of that savings to a charity! Thank you for all of your support. We love doing this life with you!


Art and Compassion Talk by Father Paul Anel.

On February 11, Father Paul Anel of Heart's Home visited LA and gave a talk on art and compassion in Silverlake, Los Angeles. We are so excited to be able to share the presentation with both slides and audio of our evening. Father Paul discusses his work with artists and Heart's Home in New York City. Included: Andrei Tarkovsky, film director Mark Rothko, painter Masaru Bando, sculptor Marc Chagall, painter Jorg Madlener, painter Alberto Giacometti, sculptor Sean Scully, painter Makoto Fujimura, painter

Art + Compassion.

art-and-compassion2 The founder of Heart's Home, Father Thierry de Roucy wrote in an article, "Friendship is an exchange… The work of art is a balm on our wounds and we are a balm on the work of art’s wounds. This is the glorious and mutual task of man and art."

I highly recommend checking out the whole article to wet your palate.

We are thrilled to have Father Paul Anel of Heart's Home with us for an evening to discuss the meeting of Art + Compassion in Los Angeles on February 11, 2016.

Based in Brooklyn, Father Paul leads an exten­sive and suc­cessful outreach pro­gram to the artist com­mu­nity, orga­nizing studio and gallery visits, art dis­cus­sions, and film screen­ings. This led him to numerous col­lab­o­ra­tions with such nota­bles as Sagrada Familia’s sculptor Etsuro Sotoo, Vanguard Documentary founder Charles Hobson, jazz pianist Marjorie Eliot, acclaimed klezmer vir­tuoso David Krakauer, and painter Sean Scully.

We will have light h'ordeuvres and cocktails and Father Paul will begin speaking at 8pm. Please invite your friends!

- Marylouise & Erica