Vectorize Your Hand Lettering.

hannah-hoggatt-photoraphy_0025 It is one thing to be able to do calligraphy, brush lettering or any other hand lettering techniques, but it is another to be able to digitize it.



When I learned how to do that, it was a real game changer for me. It took my hand lettering hobby and made it into a viable business.


I am so excited to finally be teaching a class of my best techniques to do this easily. In this class you will learn how to take your work on paper and vectorize it, enabling you to make beautiful prints, holiday cards, lettering photo overlays for your social media, logos and more.

You will learn how to fix common errors and keep your lettering looking natural and hand done.

Please note that you will need to already have basic skills of hand lettering and bring your own favorite supplies to create something at the class or come with a few pieces of work prepared to digitize. Plus, you will need to bring your own laptop with Adobe photoshop and illustrator - if you don't have those programs, it's okay! The day before the class, you can start a free trial of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

You can purchase your ticket over at Makers Mess here!


Chicago Calligraphy Workshops.

hannah-hoggatt-photoraphy_0001 We had such luck to have an amazing photographer at our classes in Chicago. Hannah is a long time friend of mine and not only did she lend us her cute apartment, but she photographed all three classes! (AND if you are in Chicago or can get to Chicago easily, she is offering all of our followers $50 off a photo session - this could be for your own portraits (she is one of the only people who takes photos of me that I actually like myself) or family sessions for holiday cards. You can email her from her site and tell her that you're a friend of Be A Heart for your discount!


I so loved being able to relive those days that were so full of joy. It's one of my favorite things about teaching - not only do I get to pass on something that I love, but I get to experience the joy of my students. It's a moment of friendship - some making new friends and some spending time with old friends. It is a time away from our phones and computers and a time to learn something new.





It's not often as adults that we get to learn brand new things. Most of our days are spent doing the dishes, cleaning the floor, folding laundry, sitting at our desks doing the work we are good at. So I think my favorite part of the three hour class is seeing everyone in the first five minutes of using the calligraphy nib and ink. It is so different than using a regular pen so it takes us back to our first years of school in learning how to write.







You can check out the rest of the gallery here!

We have a Modern Calligraphy class in Los Angeles at Makers Mess on November 3rd, Calligraphy and Brush Lettering in Phoenix on the 10th and 11th and then a Calligraphy class in Tucson on the 12th. And if we haven't come to your city yet, comment below with where you want us to go! We are in the process of creating a winter Calligraphy Tour. Or you can buy the kit that is used in the class here!

Learn calligraphy.

This month we have few ways that you can begin your own practice of modern calligraphy! beginner-modern-calligraphy-workbook

1) Buy our new workbook in our shop. There are 10 pages that you can print and practice over and over again. And to find out what supplies to use, check out this post!



2) Buy the kit that I Like That DIY and I made on Amazon. You will get a few of my favorite items plus the above workbook. Check out A Place of my Taste's review here!

modern calligraphy workbook

3) If you're in LA, come over to Makers Mess on Tuesday, December 15th to learn modern calligraphy with us! You'll get my favorite supplies and my workbook to take home with you! You can sign up here.

Keep us posted as you learn calligraphy by using the hashtag #beaheartcalligraphy on instagram!

Fall Classes.

_DSC9452(photography by Meredith Amadee)

Be A Heart classes are finally coming to Los Angeles!!! I couldn't be more excited to have been invited by the new studio in my own neighborhood, Makers Mess, to teach four classes over the next two months.

_DSC9497 (photography by Meredith Amadee)

I am totally humbled and honored to be amongst so many amazing makers in the LA area. Check them all out here. And then sign up for classes via these links:

Beginner Modern Calligraphy

October 21st

November 14th

Beginner Brush Lettering

October 27th

November 17th


Full Calendar









I cannot wait to meet all of you!

xx, Erica