The Best Day of Our Lives

On December 8, 2018, I married Paul Campbell. If you want to read about how we met, you can read it here. If you want to see our engagement photos you can see them here and you can read a little reflection from me the week of our wedding here!

We asked our friends, Anthony and Marcellino, the owners of Sherwood Fellows, if they would film our wedding for us. We just wanted to have something that on our anniversaries, we could pull it out and remember the “overwhelming grace” that we had been given in our lives. We wanted the video to celebrate all that has happened in our lives to get to this joyous moment.

I hope in watching it that it gives you hope, gives you joy and gives you a reminder to strive to be the person that God created you to be. Enjoy!

Wedding Day!

Photo from our first month of dating

Photo from our first month of dating

Today as you read this email, I am celebrating my wedding day. In the morning, I’m with my family and my girlfriends as we do our hair (of course someone is doing mine because I have the skill to either put it in a top knot or leave it down) and my mom is doing my make up. She did my make up every day of high school and I can’t believe here we are 11 years later with her doing my make up for my wedding. 

My dad might be seeing me for the first time in my dress, his eyes filling with tears. We’re so much alike, me and him. We’ve been through so much.

I’m wondering if I’ll be nervous as we take the car over to the church - maybe the nerves of everyone looking at me will dissipate as I see Paul standing there at the altar. 

Next to him will be my spiritual director - the man who essentially saved my life and walked with me on those dark days of my life and questioned my way of thinking and prodded me to get a bigger understanding of God’s majesty and goodness. 

the day we were engaged

the day we were engaged

I might be saying my vows right now to love Paul all the days of my life or we might be walking over to Mary, this day her feast of the Immaculate Conception. We thank her for her constant guidance in our relationship. The little ways she shows her motherly love. 

We might be married by now! (Holy moly!) and inviting our guests to our reception. The reception I spent (likely) way too many hours working on all the tiny details. Maybe we’re eating dinner or maybe we’re having our first dance (This Must be the Place by the Talking Heads). 

original wedding inspo

original wedding inspo

Whatever time it is that you read this, would you pray for us? Pray for our marriage and the family we are starting together. Pray that we might be a spot of love and light on this earth. 

Today, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I would be remiss to not speak about her guiding hand in our lives. Paul and I met on the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima (of course the last day of the novena I was praying to find a partner - how very cliche of me!!!). We were engaged on the Feast of the Epiphany (unknown to Paul as he is not Catholic). The few weeks after that in January 2018, we found a venue that we liked and inquired about available dates. Low and behold, the only available date left in 2018 was December 8 - this beautiful feast day. And this coming week, we will go to Mexico City for our honeymoon — which happens to also be the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe where we can go to her Basilica to celebrate!


The end of this year’s motto for me is “He makes all things new.” Thank you, friends, for journeying with me through (so many) break ups, struggles, joys. It is only fitting that you are here with us in a tiny way today. Thank you for joining this community of people who seek to BE A HEART. 

And thank you for supporting my business in a small way by purchasing gifts for others (and gifts for yourself). These holiday sales are sustaining my bills so that I can take a few weeks off for a honeymoon and to relish in the joy of being a newlywed. 

Have no fear, our team  will be shipping until December 20th so you can make sure to get all your holiday presents before Christmas.

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Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

We're Getting Married!

Paul asked me to marry him on January 6, 2018 in Joshua Tree, on a pile of boulders overlooking the vast land, just the two of us. It was pure magic. We are getting married on December 8, 2018 (the feast of the Immaculate Conception!). We asked Sarah to come to my neighborhood to capture us where we spent many of our dates and time falling in love. 

We drink so much coffee so we had to photograph the coffee shop down the street from my house. 

Then over to Echo Park Lake for a little stroll. 

We saw the churro set up and knew we just had to have some. We patiently waited in line and then had the most delicious churros of our lives. (I got her card so that we can hire her to come to the wedding!)

Paul is my guy and I am ever so lucky to have his love and to get to journey through the rest of our days together. 

All photographs are taken by Sarah Ellefson

Looking for the perfect wedding gift? Grab our brand new blind embossed wedding vow art. 

Looking for the perfect wedding gift? Grab our brand new blind embossed wedding vow art. 

Gifting the Perfect Personalized Watch.

It's no secret that I am (overly) excited about finally getting to be the bride. I have worked with so many amazing couples planning all the tiny details of their weddings. When we begin to work on their paper goods, I always ask lots of questions about their story, their personal styles and how they want their guests to feel at their wedding. 

It is always about personalization. And now that I'm going through the experience myself, I see how truly important that is. I, of course, had so many ideas of what I wanted on my wedding day, but all of that changed when I met the man that I would actually be marrying. We have so many quirky things between the two of us and it is going to be so much fun to invite our friends and family into that. 

So when Jord sent me their gorgeous wooden watch with a personalized box, I got so excited. We have been looking for gifts for our loved ones involved in our wedding and this personalized watch is the perfect find. Both the back of the watch and the box can be engraved. 

The unique watches are made out of wood and there are a lot of beautiful options to match many different styles. I got the Ebony and Sable.

They are perfect for parent gifts, bridal party gifts, or bride and groom gifts. 

I vainly chose to write my future Mrs. name (can't believe my name is going to be Erica Campbell!!!) 

I imagine writing "We love you, xx Paul and Erica" or for my husband "To my sweetest husband, I'll love you forever."

The best part is that Jord is giving one lucky winner $100 to purchase a watch of your own! And as an added bonus, the winner can have me to letter their message if they wish! Just follow the link below to enter.

What are your favorite personalization ideas for wedding gifts?

Upstate New York Wedding.

Shane and Hanna came to me after seeing Jacky and Tyler's wedding invitation. They had a vision of an elegant garden party with various dusty blues and greens for their Upstate New York wedding. They sent me pictures of their venue, Bristol Harbour and I immediately got a vision of the invitation. Upstate New York Bespoke Wedding

I knew we needed a more traditional calligraphy style and thought that the beautiful shape of the mountain backdrop and foreshadowed trees would tie the blue and green together perfectly. On the day of the wedding, when I saw a photograph posted to Instagram of what the actual ceremony looked like, my mouth dropped open. It was perfect! All photography is by Mary Dougherty Photography.

Upstate New York Bespoke Wedding

Shane and Hanna were so lovely to work with and I knew their big day would be gorgeous.

Upstate New York Bespoke WeddingUpstate New York Bespoke WeddingUpstate New York Bespoke Wedding Upstate New York Bespoke Wedding

welcome-bag-copyUpstate New York Bespoke Wedding Upstate New York Bespoke Wedding Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 2.27.59 PM

The couple lives in Manhattan so they wanted to bring in a city element to the day. I hand painted the New York skyline with the same blues as the invitation. They had guests "find their neighborhood" for their seating assignments.

Upstate New York Bespoke Wedding

We also made custom menus duplicating the cute food drawings that we had on the RSVP card.

Upstate New York Bespoke Wedding

Upstate New York Bespoke Wedding

Hanna and Shane, many blessings to you in this first year of marriage and always!

Upstate New York Bespoke Wedding

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