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40 Day Negativity Fast

40 Day Negativity Fast

We have all been so overwhelmed with the news cycle, the situation in our country, and the pandemic. We decided as a team, that we would participate in a 40 day negativity fast as we move through the last leg of the election. We thought you might want to join us!

All you have to do is sign up below and then each day you will receive an email with a positive declaration to focus on. For example, "I open my hands in surrender to God’s ways" and "I am living a life designed by God to bear fruit."


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Kindness is contagious pass it on!

Judith D Block

I need the negativity fast, badly!

Aurora O. Salazar

This is such a great idea since we are dealing with this horrible pandemic.


Please sign me up!

Molly Hartge

I am open to the life God has placed me in, and am relishing in the adventure.

Anna Maria

hi, please subscibe me to this! God bless you!

Tierney Monahan

Please sign me up for the newsletter, thanks!


Thank you for doing this!

Tammy Noe

Looking forward to the positivity!!!

Bridget T Edwards

sign me up! :)

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