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An All-New Be A Heart Community Platform

A sacred space for like-minded woman

It's happening!!!! A curated, intimate, and sacred space for like-minded women to journey together.⁠ ⁠     

We've been talking about wanting to do this for AGES. For so long, I've felt such a deep thirst for intimate, authentic community. But the older I get, the harder it seems.⁠ ⁠   

Instagram and Facebook are beautiful space for many reasons, but isn't necessarily set-up to foster consistent, committed community. In a search to be more grounded in what is good, true, and beautiful, I've longed for something beyond the addicting, public, and sometimes triggering world of social media.⁠ ⁠   

I've longed for REAL friends.⁠ To find out who in my area is a kindred spirit friend who I can grab coffee with as our kids play on the playground.⁠ ⁠   

For REAL vulnerable discussions about how we are all REALLY doing, instead of the drive-by brief interactions as I scroll.⁠ ⁠   

Enter: Mighty Networks
(where our new community platform will be hosted)
And it was like the Holy Spirit opened a door and told us we had to walk through it. 
We wanted community, so we decided to make our own 🙃⁠ ⁠

We don't exactly know what this new community space is going to be, but we've got a lot of dreams and hope it can be a starting point for fostering genuine connection and encouragement as we journey together.⁠ ⁠   

If any of this resonates with you,⁠ won't you join us???????????? ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ 

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A quick review all of the perks you'll get if you join:

- Receive a members-only quarterly 25% off one-time discount code to use in our shop

- Meet other like-minded women near you

- Attend monthly online Book Club Meet-Ups to discuss curated books to help you grow in your faith

- Receive free digital downloads

- Share and learn about social justice causes in defense of human dignity, from anti-abortion to anti-racism to anti-death penalty

- Share prayer requests and be a part of a committed community to walk with you in prayer on your life's journey

- Be the first to know about special offers and new products (and give input on future products you'd like to see!)

- Exclusive members-only content and giveaways


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augusta d'ambrosio

💛 First month is FREE if you join this week! (Oct 22-29, 2021). After that, we will start charging a small fee ($4.99/mo or even less if you pay annually) in order to keep the community full of active, engaging members (and cut down on trolls).⁠ ⁠   

📚 Our first event will be a BOOK CLUB for Shannon K. Evan's new book "Rewilding Motherhood."
It starts on Oct 28, so order your book if you haven't already and join us! ⁠(You can purchase it here)
It'll be a semi bi-weekly meet-up to center our hearts before the madness of the holiday season. ⁠
Meets Oct 28, Nov 11, and Dec 2 @ 7:30pmCST.⁠ ⁠   

😇 And, of course, we WILL be hosting our 2022 Holy Women Book Club through the platform starting January 2022. We will read 4 books written by 4 holy women from our planner/calendar and meet monthly.⁠ ⁠

Maybe next we IRL retreat???????
Comment if you're into that. 

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