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Be A Heart Update.

February 05, 2015




It’s now February and I’m pretty sure it’s the beginning of Spring here in LA because I’m noticing a lot of flowers blooming while out on my bike. A lot of things are happening on my end. I spent the last couple of days updating the website (1.1 might we say?!) to reflect it all and I am so excited!

At the beginning of January, I met this incredible woman named Jenna who started an even more incredible project called Blessed is She. It is a place for women to come together, encourage each other, and grow in faith. I made them a new logo and a couple of other pieces and then I made a Lenten Journal. I am very happy to be collaborating with her and using my art to accompany others on their journey. You can find it here!




I have also been working on many wedding invitations! Every piece is absolutely custom. It’s a long process so I haven’t been posting much about it, but I finally added some photos of the projects in the works in the new gallery. It is such a blessing to pray for these couples and the families that they are about to form. If you know of anyone newly engaged and/or planning a wedding, send them my way!




The custom prints continually come in (you can order your favorite quote — or a quote for a significant other as a valentine’s day gift over here).

This world of freelance is so new to me and it can be anxiety ridden at times, but I am very grateful to spend so much time creating beautiful things. The next month will bring many surprises, this much I am sure. I love that at any moment an email can pop in my inbox with a new proposition.

Someone recently told me that to doing God’s will just means being a vessel for his love and to become most fully myself. It took off so much of the pressure from me trying to discern the next right thing. And while I am not ruling out the “happily working for another company or organization,” I am in this beautiful time of staying in front of what is presented to me.

All of my love,  Erica

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