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Be A Heart Zoom Backgrounds

Be A Heart Zoom Backgrounds

If you're anything like me, you are finding yourself on MANY more Zoom calls than ever before. My husband is a therapist and doing his sessions from our little home office. I am having work meetings and 12 step meetings from my computer. So as we try to juggle all of this and a newborn, we don't always have the one decent video spot available to make our calls. 

Zoom recently expanded their background capabilities so you can just replace the wall behind you with another image. And I thought, why not make it beautiful. We can now all pretend that we live in a beautiful home (that doesn't require dusting or plant watering!)

You can save this image to your desktop for free and upload them to your Zoom account. (it's purposefully mirrored so that it shows up better on the video!) You'll recognize it from our sold out liturgical calendar! Here is a tutorial if you need help!

be a heart zoom background


Thank you, and downloaded. I am excited to use it for my virtual classroom:)

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