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Walking through the heart break.

Walking through the heart break.

It is actually okay right now
I was so vocal about my last boyfriend. I couldn’t believe the fairytale that brought him to me. I was sure he was my perfect match. We looked similar, had the same design taste and mutual friends. I had done all of this work in my personal life prior to meeting him and was finally in a place where I was happy as single woman. He came in and swept me off of my feet. I was smitten. happy and secure and then it was over.

I sobbed uncontrollably as he broke up with me (sorry to the man who had to experience that…) and even had moments of dark depression that I hadn’t experienced in years in the following weeks. There were times that I didn’t think the the actual ache of my heart would go away. But, I had put into place all of these really good habits prior to meeting him that allowed me to have a fairly quick turnaround and get back to my normal, happy, full life and open myself up again to someone new.

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