4 Simple Ways to Celebrate the Immaculate Heart of Mary



In Her Arms You Will Never Starve by Copeland 

“In her arms you will never starve
You will never freeze
And when the world is hard,
You can fall asleep there.
In a world of chaos
She could be your silence
The oceans of her kindness
They will pull you under.”

Check out more songs to contemplate the heart of Mary with our short and sweet "Immaculate Heart of Mary" Spotify playlist.


PRAY a prayer to the immaculate heart of mary


O Immaculate Heart of Mary, full of goodness, show your love towards us. Let the flame of your heart, O Mary, descend on all people. We love you immensely. Impress true love in our hearts so that we have a continuous desire for your Son.

O Mary, gentle and humble of heart, teach us to be more like you - entirely oriented to your Son’s own heart. Give us, by means of your Immaculate Heart, spiritual health. Let us always see the goodness of your motherly heart and may we be converted by means of the flame of your heart.



Here’s a simple 3 ingredient recipe you can use.

Adorn them with flowers from your yard (or Trader Joe’s)



Cute plates are found here. 


Find an image of Mary and put her in a place of honor in your home. When you pray before meals today, say a prayer of thanksgiving for her immaculate heart.

We have the image of The Immaculate Heart of Mary available in the shop that's currently ON SALE if you want a high quality print shipped to you that you can hang up year-round.

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