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Printable Valentine Card Pack

Printable Valentine Card Pack

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Enjoy many different Catholic Valentine Cards in this printable valentine pack! 

What's included: 
16 valentine cards for children (perfect to give to classmates or students!)|

  • You are BRAVE like Joan
  • You are FUN like Chiara
  • You are ADVENTUROUS like Pier Giorgio
  • You are SMART like Carlo
  • You are DEVOTED like Isidore
  • You are COURAGEOUS like José Sánchez del Río
  • You are FAITHFUL like Pedro
  • You are INSPIRING like Francisco
  • You are FEARLESS like Kizito
  • You are LOVING like Laura Vicuña
  • You are HELPFUL like Dymphna
  • You are GENEROUS like Gemma
  • You are PASSIONATE like Jacinta
  • You are HEROIC like Marie-Clémentine 
  • You are BOLD like Anna Wang

You Set My Heart on Fire 5x7 Card
Let's Raise Saints Together 5x7 Card
A Spiritual Bouquet For You 5x7 Card
You're the Louis to my Zelie 5x7 Card
You're the Zelie to my Louis 5x7 Card
You're the Isidore to my Maria 5x7 Card
You're the Perpetua to my Felicity 5x7 Card
I want to spend many more decades with you 5x7 Card
I want to have a holy family with you 5x7 Card
I love building our community with you 5x7 Card
I love raising a family with you 5x7 Card
Let's raise saints together (Zelie + Louis) 5x7 Card
Rose are red, violets are blue. Jesus loves you and I do, too 5x7 Card

Download the zip file to receive all PDF files. These can be used for personal use only. Any inquiries for mass production can be sent to

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