We had a clear vision for how we wanted our wedding to feel, but we didn’t know what that meant visually. We wanted people to feel intimacy - we’d been to too many cookie cutter weddings where you could have swapped out one couple and replaced it with another and no one would have noticed. We wanted people to come away from ours thinking that it could only have been our wedding. We wanted people to be with us emotionally the whole way through — for the sentimentality, the excitement, the fun, and of course the love. Eventually, with great help from Erica and others, that feeling became a look: outside in a place that was meaningful to us, pictures of all of our guests as name cards, tables named after neighborhoods in our home city, New York, and an invitation that beautifully rendered the ceremony site itself. 


Shane and I should have met long before we did. We had mutual friends in several circles and had orbited each other for years but we had never been in the same room until the night of my best friend’s birthday party in April 2011. A friend of mine from back home came and she brought her college friend who brought his childhood friend, Shane - a handsome guy with dark glasses and a mellow disposition. I saw him right away but we had become people who approached a night out in NYC differently: He, tired of talking to girls he didn’t click with at endless birthday parties and bars, was focused on spending time with his friends. I, knowing I was quitting my job and likely moving for graduate school in the fall, was up for talking to anyone - no pressure added when I’d be gone in five months anyway. So when he didn’t introduce himself, I made a move, and we talked for a couple of hours on what remains the best impromptu first date I’ve ever had. By the end, he had warmed up and he asked to take me to dinner the next week, going so far as to set a date and time (extremely rare for a NYC guy). From there it was easy and simple - we liked each other so we kept hanging out. Falling in love with him snuck up on me when I uncharacteristically cried from missing him when I first moved to Boston in the fall. “You’re lovesick,” my mom told me. She was right. 


We absolutely loved working with Erica and would recommend her to anyone who needs a designer. We started talking to her early, when our vision was vague and we were overwhelmed with planning a wedding. She listened carefully, insisting that we send her pictures of things that inspired us, wedding-related or not, and from that she designed an invitation that gorgeously painted the mountains and trees that would surround us when we married. It was the first idea she came up with and it was perfect. From there, we were hooked. Erica’s work was everywhere at our wedding: she designed a NYC skyline for our table cards for the wedding night, and after talking about how much we wanted everyone to feel included, she came up with the idea of poloroid-looking photos as name cards for our rehearsal dinner (those were a huge hit). When there was a printing glitch with our programs two days before the wedding, she got on the phone immediately and fixed it within hours. We didn’t even have time to be worried. Best of all, she took the feeling that we wanted to convey on this wedding weekend and she turned it into a beautiful aesthetic that really felt like us. She is professional, available, flexible, budget-friendly, and most of all, extraordinarily talented. She was a huge part in making our wedding the perfect event.