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2023 Lenten Seasonal Guide

2023 Lenten Seasonal Guide

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Live liturgically this Lent with our free Lenten Seasonal Guide. 

I was thinking about the invitation to go into the desert for Lent. So often in times of spiritual dryness, we think that nothing can come of it, nothing can come of us. We feel abandoned or left out to shrivel. But if God made flowers blossom out of cacti, can’t we believe that God can make goodness bloom from our desert, too?

The Lenten Guide includes:
- a printable calendar to remind you of feast days
- a Lenten prayer + fasting + almsgiving tracker
- simple ways to enter into Lent
- a coloring poster to track Lent (print as large as 24x36 inches. color one piece per day and by the end you'll have a full, beautiful desert)
- simple ways to celebrate the feast days for Saint Katharine Drexel, Saints Perpetua and Felicity, Saint Patrick, Saint Oscar Romero, the Annunciation, Palm Sunday, and Holy Week
- Plus activities for Mardi Gras, Lenten Fridays, and Sundays

We also have Spotify playlists to help you enter this season which can be found here:
Dust We Are (Lent) Playlist - songs for your everyday journey during Lent
Presence Worship (Lent) PlaylistLenten worship songs
Saint Patrick's Day Playlist

We are happy for this resource to be shared amongst communities - schools, churches, co-ops. You do not need written permission to make photocopies of this material as long as our logo and website remain visible.

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