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Saint Enamel Pin

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Color: Saint Josephine Bakhita
Saint Josephine Bakhita
Saint Enamel Pin
Saint Padre Pio
Saint Enamel Pin
Saint Philomena
Saint Enamel Pin
Saint Maximilian Kolbe
Saint Enamel Pin


Each Enamel Pin is 1 inch tall. It is perfect to wear on a jean jacket, your favorite tote bag, or backpack.

Saint Francis of Assisi gave up the life of his wealthy family to live in poverty. God instructed him to “rebuild the church.”

Gianna Molla was a pediatric doctor, the wife of Pietro, and mother to Pierluigi, Mariolina, Laura, and Gianna. She was diagnosed with cancer and chose to save her unborn daughter’s life instead of her own.

Saint Joseph was married to Mary and worked as a carpenter. He was a faithful follower of God and all His commands. He likely died before Jesus entered public ministry.

Saint Josephine Bahkita was captured as a Sudanese slave as a young girl. She was brutally beaten often until one day she was deemed free. She encountered God and became a religious sister in Italy.

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha is the first North American Indian to be canonized as a saint. She was born to a Christian mother and the chief of the Mohawks. When she was 19, she converted to Catholicism and fled her village to join a Christian community.

Saint Maximillian Kolbe was a Polish Franciscan friar and then ordained a priest in 1918. He was active in promoting a devotion to the Immaculate Virgin Mary. He volunteered to die of starvation in a concentration camp in the place of a man with a family.

Saint Padre Pio was first a friar and then became a priest in 1910. While giving confession one day, his hands began to bleed and smell like roses. The Vatican confirmed that his stigmata was real. He was known for his piety, charity until he died in 1968.

Saint Philomena was a Greek princess who became a virgin martyr and died at 13 years old. Devotion for Philomena began to spread once her bones were found and miracles began to occur.

Saint Pope John Paul II brought a renewal in the Church his papacy started in 1978. He lived through a failed assassination attempt and forgave his perpetrator.



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