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Valentine Temporary Tattoo Cards

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These Christian Valentine Temporary Tattoo Cards are the perfect way to celebrate your faith and show some love this Valentine's Day! The cards are perfect for exchanging with friends or family on Valentine's Day, these cards offer a creative and meaningful way to express your love for God and your neighbor.

The temporary tattoos add a fun surprise for your valentine.

Each pack includes 24 double sided cards, 24 temporary tattoos, 24 envelopes, and 36 heart stickers to decorate the envelopes. The Saint pack includes 2 sets of 12 designs and the Christian pack includes 3 sets of 8 designs.

The bundle includes one pack of Saint Valentine Cards and one pack of Christian Valentine Cards. This is a total of 48 cards!

Valentine cards are 3x4 inches each. Temporary tattoo has to be added to the card.

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