I'm With Francis Enamel Pin

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im with francis enamel pin.jpg

I'm With Francis Enamel Pin

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Our Catholic Church is at a crossroads.  Some would have us look backwards, to “halcyon days” that never were real, when people were put aside who did not fit the perfect picture. The past has been a closed system of power and too often corruption among the power elite.  Francis, Bishop of Rome, the one we call our Holy Father, calls us to look forward.  To dig deeply into the reform we need in our own lives and within our Church, to embrace each other on the journey to God’s reign with the mercy that is Jesus. Each of us needs to choose: the broken past or a Spirit inspired future.  This movement is a way to make that decision known:  we stand with the Vicar of Christ.   It is a witness to those who who would tear our church further apart that I will follow the Shepherd, imperfect as we all are, but who strives to have the heart of Christ in all things. I’m with Francis.   Fr. Michael Callaghan, C.O.

Design and Lettering by Erica Tighe

Will ship by mid September

Soft Enamel Pin
1.25in x 1.25in
White metal finish

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