Personalized Name Card

Custom kids room name art
Custom kids room name art

Personalized Name Card


Get a personalized name card, hand lettered by Erica! Each custom name card measures 4.25”x11” and features a playful image corresponding with the first letter of the recipient’s name. This would be a great addition to a nursery, a unique gift for a baby shower, or a special piece for your child’s desk at home or at school.

A- Avacado
B- Bicycle
C- Camera
D- Dog
E- Earth
F- Flower
G- Guitar
H- Hotdog
I- Ice cream
J- Jeep
K- Koala
L- Light
M- Moon
N- Notebook
O- Orange
P- Plant
Q- Queen
R- Ring
S- Sandal
T- Taco
U- Underwear
V- Vespa
W- Watermelon
X- Xylophone
Y- Yarn
Z- Zipper

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