Baby Growth

I’m at the age where so many of my friends are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, postpartum, etc. I am so fascinated by the process of it all. How these little humans are created – heck, how I was even created in my own mother’s womb. 

After researching a lot this weekend about the development of a baby in utero, I desired a way to share this easily. I love all the posts I see of my friends with their cute baby bumps and the details of how the baby is growing. So in a wild painting session last night, I painted produce to match each week of pregnancy. 



Here's a free download of 32 pages to print and take pictures with next to your own belly. Or use to show your other children the growth of their new sibling! Once you confirm your email sign up, you will be sent the link to download and print!



Here’s to protecting the sanctity of all life. 

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