Who We Are

Be A Heart strives to offer hope to the hopeless and bring light into the shadows. We design products to accompany you wherever you are in the cycle of life, death, and resurrection. We're committed to bringing you beautiful, well designed, and quality pieces that you'll love to gift for every occasion.

Our Story

Be A Heart began as a personal project by our founder, Erica Tighe Campbell. It has continued to transform with the promptings of the Holy Spirit as Erica has continued to say "yes" to wherever God leads.

In 2010, it was a simple blog where Erica wrote about her time as a volunteer living in Brazil. She was to "be a heart, nothing but a heart" among the community she served that was experiencing poverty. The friendship and kindness that she was shown changed the way she would forever live her life. She also learned how deeply transformative beauty is in the face of difficulty.

Moving to Brooklyn at the end of 2012, Erica was met with her own inner poverty as she experienced depression and darkness. In what she can only describe as a moment of grace, she began the journey to recovery and was shown God's great mercy through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Grappling with both her inner wounds and mental illness, Erica turned to the art of calligraphy to ease her anxiety. It became a beautiful meditative experience that brought her closer to God.

Erica began sharing what she was learning about God and herself through her lettering online. Be A Heart grew as a community seeking God in the midst of every day life and an online shop where Erica sold her artwork. In this time, Erica moved to Los Angeles and started doing calligraphy and design work for other people and companies.

Be A Heart was named one of the best stationery designers in Los Angeles by Gwenyth Paltrow's Goop and had work featured in Elle Magazine.

Ultimately, Erica felt called to use her gifts to design her own products that would share hope & light and Be A Heart became what it is today. Much of her inspiration is pulled from her own spiritual life, which is rooted in her Catholic faith and traditions. However, she longs to make things that are accessible to everyone who is on their own faith journey and working towards who God has created them to be.

Be A Heart now has a team of five women in different stages of life all around the country.

Slowly, steadily, patiently.

- Etty Hillesum

Our Values

We value kindness and compassion, joy and love. We promote the dignity of all life - from the man on death row to the woman we disagree with on the internet. We value spiritual practices that help us grow in love for both God and each other. We value therapy and growth. We value beauty and friendship.