Be Radiant.

I recently came across this magazine, Be Radiant, again. It looks like they are just about to release a new issue after a year hiatus. I had totally forgotten that they did an article on me in my last month in Brazil. I found it in their Fall 2012 issue and was completely filled with emotion.  (You can read it better here).
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You know, not a day goes by that I don’t think about my life in Brazil. But all too easily (most times, entirely), I forget that total transformation that happened in my life there. It was so hard, but the life I was coming from was even harder emotionally. I wrote in the article about the voice that beckoned me. I’ll never forget that night, that voice came out of no where. In the end, the voice that changed the direction of my life.

And now, I start to get frightened, think I’m the one in charge of every single little thing, get paralyzed by this thought. But my goodness, that voice is always calling me–usually a bit quieter. I am to follow in all genuineness, in all faith and in all trust.

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