Christmas Preparation.

Yesterday was the first day of Advent. I remembered a talk that I heard a couple of years ago so I dug out my old notebook. It helps me each year to prepare for Christmas. He said that advent is a time to focus on our being–on our true essence, on the essential. I have to admit that I have been living in a lot of anxiety lately, overrun by fear because I don’t have complete control over certain things happening in my life. I am committed to fully throwing myself into the simple gift of being alive. This daily meditation is helpful to bring me to a similar attitude of Christ whom we prepare for in these coming weeks.
1. Jesus’ wonder. “The Father is greater than I.” We would not exist without the giver, this brings amazement, to live without ceasing to wonder at the life in front of me

2. Jesus’ thankfulness. Each Thanksgiving is an epiphany (bringing into the light) of God

3. Jesus’ notion of time. Take things as they come, live in the present time and encounter the Father without thinking of the future, all graces that we need are given to us in that time, this leads to providence — God organizes everything

4. Jesus faces suffering. How we would love to avoid suffering, but it is a mystery, which is why faith is required. we must dialog with the father in the midst of suffering, it is the holy exchange–suffering brings life.

I must search fervently for the One who will visit us. I must be more attentive to reality.

Yesterday the priest said that Christ wants to give us little gifts all of Advent. I believe these will be the little moments that amaze me. Those are my gifts. And as I am aware of these things, I will also prepare a present to give to baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas.

Easily download this image and print it out 25 times and fill it out at the end of each day.

Advent 2014

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