MY PERSONAL GROTTO (Grotto Network Mini Video)

On a day in March, Gino met me and my husband at our house to follow our morning routine before I headed into my studio. Grotto Network had sent him to film a day in the life of a Catholic entrepreneur. He asked to come on a day where he could capture the insanity that is running a small business so I invited him on a day with a photoshoot to launch our Easter Collection.

After he left, I was mortified that he captured me on a day where I was a little off kilter - so nervous about how my new line would be received. It felt much too vulnerable to be filmed in such a state.

Today the mini film came out and it’s so gorgeous (despite my very bad hair day). I talk about the importance of beginning again and starting my day rooted in prayer.

You can watch it here!

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Loved this video and a chance to get to know you. Sending appreciation for all you’ve created and will in the future. Praying for your pleasant pregnancy, smooth delivery, and healthy child. ❤️✨🙏🏼📿


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