Latest on Verily: What I learned when I turned to dating classes instead of dating apps

You guys. I decided last year when I signed up for my first dating class that I wouldn’t be ashamed of it. It took some humility to admit to myself that I actually may just not have known how to date. I wrote about being a 20-something recovering alcoholic, which led to me taking a year off of dating altogether. Then I wrote about how I was able to change my view of what it meant to be single and all the wonderful things that I implemented into my life during that time.

But then I told my therapist that I just didn’t have a clue as to how to date anymore. So she sent me to find some classes on relationships and dating and I learned so, so much.

You can read the new article up on Verily today: What I learned when I turned to Dating Classes instead of Dating Apps

Not to mention the fact that the part at the end of the article that seems a bit hypothetical, actually happened back in November. Some new friends asked about my dating life. I told them about my classes and what I was learning. And one turned to me exclaiming that she had the perfect match and that was that.

In other news – we released a new print today with a quote by Saint Gemma: ““I shall love you, I shall love you always. When day breaks, when evening turns into night, at every hour, at every moment; I shall love you always, always, always.” You can check it out in the shop.


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