Online Modern Calligraphy Class!

modern calligraphy online class
In some of our most exciting news yet, we just published our Modern Calligraphy Class ONLINE over at Skillshare. This summer they are offering a special – 3 months of Premium membership for .99 if you’re a new user! That means you can take the class and many other amazing classes for just .99 with this link.

Our class goes through my favorite supplies, how to use them, basic line strokes, common errors, letterforms and connecting letters. Then a quick brief for a final project! The best part (I think) is that Skillshare allows you to engage with the teacher, so as you need help along the way, I will be available.

As an added bonus we are offering all enrolled Skillshare students a free download of our Beginner Modern Calligraphy workbook and a discount code for our Modern Calligraphy Kit.

We can’t wait to be adding more classes to the series like Brush Lettering, Advanced Letterforms and Digitizing your work.

Share the link with your friends and they can get 3 months of Premium membership for .99 as well!

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