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St. Kateri's Lily COLORING PAGE

A symbol commonly associated with St. Kateri Tekakwitha is a lily. It represents purity.


an extra fun activity for older kids:

Create an affirmation lily

When St. Kateri converted to Christianity at age 19, she was bullied, threatened, and shunned by many members of her tribe. So much so, she chose to leave and walk 200 miles (which took 2 months) to a Christian town, where she lived for the remainder of her life.  

Though she was ostracized by many of her own people for her faith, she was welcomed by her new Catholic community and soon became known as “Lily of the Mohawks” in her new town. 


Using our free printable, write an affirmation to yourself on each lily petal. 

Like St. Kateri, what’s something you like about yourself that you feel like other people don’t notice or don’t understand? 


For St. Kateri, I would write 


  • Purity 
    Kateri refused her arranged marriage in her tribe, in order to give her life fully to God. She is the first known Native American to take a perpetual vow of purity. 
  • Honoring God on Sundays
    Kateri refused to work on Sundays in order to honor God. 
  • Care for environment
    Kateri’s indigenous culture influenced her deep love and care for nature. 
  • Storyteller
    People in her Christian community would often ask Kateri to tell stories. She would often retell the stories of Jesus and people would sit at her feet for hours listening to her because they felt the presence of God when they were around her. 


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