There Is Nothing Too Big For God

My family’s big news is this: We are moving from San Antonio to Phoenix. If you follow me personally on instagram, you already know this. I announced it before we had any concrete plans in place a couple of months ago. We spent a year discerning the move - iI’s such a big decision to move with young children to another state where my husband has to essentially start his career over as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Last year, right as our second baby was being born, we started going to couple’s therapy. Prior to this, we couldn’t figure out how to make it work in our schedule. But in adding a second baby with two working parents, we knew that if we didn’t care for our relationship, everything else was going to crumble. I think I’ve shared before that our wonderful therapist saw how our life was too much. We were not managing to connect to each other because we were completely tapped out. There was no respite, so he suggested the idea of pruning to us. We began to look at how we could cut things out so that we could find some kind of thriving. 

Looking back at the 15 months since then, life didn’t really stop being hard. The baby was always sick and not sleeping. Our house kept needing more and more care. Business partnerships I had were draining me emotionally and financially. Every way we turned, we didn’t feel like we could find space to breathe. We began contemplating moving closer to my family. Ah, how I had to swallow my pride – I once said that I would never move back to Phoenix. 

Now as a mother to two young children, I see how much I need my own mom. We decided that while in the immediate, it was going to add a lot of stress to our lives, moving closer to my family was going to ultimately help us find space. Space for our family, for our marriage, and for our spiritual lives. We of course will be giving up some things that we love here, too. But God has been taking care of all the details in a way that we could not have imagined for ourselves. Paul will continue working as the family therapist at the Eating Disorder Center and will fly in on occasion to do intensives with the families. The girls and I can come when it works with our schedules, I can visit our warehouse, we can spend time with Paul’s family and visit all of our friends. We sold our house within two days and found a house in Phoenix that we love. 

The hardest part was learning to listen to our inner voice that we believe is God and trusting that if we took it one day at a time, we could make it. There have been times in my life where all felt hopeless and like there was no way out of the hardship. I learned years ago when I was a single woman who needed to get sober, that there is nothing too big for God - We just have to get out of our own way. 

Things here at Be A Heart will remain the same - Although I will hopefully just be less frazzled.

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This was a really beautiful prayer I saw on instagram.

Graphics by: @hannahbrencher

Have a blessed week! 

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