It Takes Time

We had an uneventful week and it was so welcomed. There is this Daniel Tiger movie about moving and we’ve watched it more times than I can count. There is a song that says “it takes time, it takes time, to make a place feel like home.” It has been on repeat in my head. I have this extreme desire for our new house to be perfectly put together. I have a long list of house projects. We sold almost all of our furniture with our old house so there are so many things to buy. I love to mix new with vintage pieces and so it has to happen slowly. I want to let the house speak to me and watch how our family uses the space and let the design reveal itself. 

And I also want to live in a completed house. So I sing to myself “it takes time.” I think that’s how so much of life is. It takes time to build a relationship. It takes time to make new friends in a new city. It takes time for God’s plan to unfold. It takes time to heal. It takes time to grow. 

When I am not patient, when I internally push against this reality of life, I am met with uncomfortable resistance. I create my own misery. When I can lean in, trust the slow process, let God be God, I am so much more content.

I pray that there is a sweet surprise in the time it takes for you.


3 Things For Joy This Week 

My friend Laura’s most recent substack essay is worth the read. 

Instagram Post Credits: @johndelony

I saw this little idea on instagram the other day and have been trying to remember to do it. 

Lillian Fallon’s book just pre-launched and we’re all excited to read it. 

Have a blessed week! 


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