Letting the Spirit Lead Us

It’s been 9 years this month since my brother helped me establish Be A Heart as an LLC and build a website. I had no foresight whatsoever as to what it could be, who I could be, where God would lead me. I was doing calligraphy and other styles of hand lettering back then while teaching myself how to use digital programs. I had very little idea what I was doing, but was eager to learn and had the confidence of a young person who didn’t know better. I was navigating early sobriety, had just moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, and while I had crippling fear over just about everything, I kept seeking God’s ways. In 2016, I told a boyfriend’s brother that I just wanted to keep it small so that I could one day care for my family and continue to work. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t having children any time soon. 

Through my spiritual work, therapy, and 12 step programs, I realized that I was keeping it all small because I was afraid. I was too afraid to think big, too afraid to imagine life outside of my comfort zone. In a prayer, I really turned it over and decided that I would no longer thwart its growth. I began dreaming that I could create a company that didn’t provide for just my family, but many families. A company that made beautiful things to bless many homes and lives while using the gifts of other women. This sent me on a path that has been the most uncomfortable ever–leading a team and company through the uncertainty of a pandemic and financial unease in the first years of marriage and motherhood. 

I like to say it’s the work of the Holy Spirit–because it is. I seek to always stay open to growing and changing as the Spirit guides and leads. I seek to be open to new ways of seeing things and new paths to take. 

Last week both of my girls started at a new Montessori school and we are all excited about the community that we found there and the time that it will allow me to get my head above water. It is a new step for all of us. It is the first time since the beginning of 2019 that I am not pregnant or with a child in my arms for more than a few hours every day. 

As many of you are likely beginning new routines or getting back to old ones in these next weeks, I am praying for you, too. New schools, new jobs, new cities, new grades, new teachers. May the Holy Spirit bring peace and comfort and joyful surprises along the way. 


A Few Things For Joy This Week

Pearl & Thistle

One of my favorite resources that I have saved for when my girls get a bit older is Pearl and Thistle. She teaches Catholic cycle awareness & fertility education for the entire family and has amazing guides for body literacy from a young age. She also has a course for single women!

Use code BEAHEART for 15% off all Pearl & Thistle products and resources until September 29th. Offer does not include group licensing programs or NFP coaching. Click here to visit their website. 

Jubilee Year of St. Therese of Lisieux

Did you know that it is the jubilee year of St. Therese? It has been 100 years since her canonization! You can read about it here. I also had no idea of this when I designed our new Therese products, but I am certain that she had a hand in prompting them.  

Add some beautiful Saint Therese inspired items into your home! Shop our Saint Therese collection here

Feast of Saint Rose of Lima

On Tuesday it is the feast of Saint Rose of Lima. We have a few simple ways that you could celebrate. Click here to learn more!


Looking for inspiration on how to celebrate the Liturgical seasons? 

Living The Seasons: Simple Ways To Celebrate The Beauty Of Your Faith Throughout The Year is a full-color guide to creatively celebrate our faith. Each page is filled with beautiful inspiration with effortless directions to celebrate feast days, holy days and seasons within the Church. This will be your resource for living liturgically! Now available for pre-order on our website


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