Nothing Ever Happens To Us Alone

Mid summer. We are about to break a record in Phoenix for the most days over 110 degrees. It’s hot. The summer has also been a heavy time for many, which somehow feels wrong. But death doesn’t wait for the dark winter months. Brothers dying with so many bright years left ahead of them. A wife and mother and friend to many slipped to Eternal life. Cancers raging bodies. A boy lost to the raging waters at summer camp. 

My husband and I went to a little posada in the outskirts of Tucson for the weekend. It was the first time we had any stretch of time together since September 2021. We slept and slept some more. We saw a breathtaking view of Saguaro State Park at sunset and watched desert critters and birds mull about. I needed it. I needed to step back and breathe in. I needed to remember that in it all, God is still God. We are held. We are cared for. I saw this quote by Madeleine L'Engle on Instagram: 

I do not believe that God wills cancer, or multiple sclerosis. I do not believe that we are ever to regard the brutal death of a child as God’s will. I know only that el can come into whatever happens, and by being part of it, can return it to wholeness. This is a large part of the meaning of incarnation. Nothing ever happens to us alone. It happens to God, too.”

May you feel God’s presence with you in whatever life is offering you right now.

A few little notes because we are getting many inquiries: We will no longer be offering planners, which I know is going to be sad for many. The time and labor intensity in laying out, designing it and the quantity that we had to produce just wasn’t working out in numbers. We will have a 2024 wall calendar slightly larger than last year’s. We also discontinued the Mary and Holy Spirit Quilts. The All Saints Quilt will come back and we have a few new quilts that are in production. I promise to bring you a Marian design that you love. 


Three Things For Joy This Week

The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis

Did you know that there is a movie about C.S. Lewis? I just discovered it and have yet to watch, but can’t wait! You can watch it here


Peter The Little Sunflower by Susan Kinnane and Janie Kinnane

One of our community members, mother and grandmother to many wrote this beautiful book. Click this link to purchase a copy. 


The New Fatherhood

I also saw this really cool initiative that helps pay for therapy for fathers who are struggling with their mental health. So often we focus on the mother’s experience of parenthood and forget that fathers need help, too!

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