Almsgiving: Be A Heart & MamaBaby Haiti

I went to a talk last week at my own birth center, which hosts a sister birth center in Haiti, which has the highest infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. MamaBaby Haiti is a fully operational birthing center in Northern Haiti. They provide FREE prenatal, birth, postpartum and newborn midwifery care including labs, ultrasounds, and a nutrition program for severely malnourished pregnant and nursing women. This model has been proven to reduce the maternal and neonatal mortality rates. They teach mothers and families about prenatal health and nutrition, hygiene, childbirth education, breastfeeding education with the goal of exclusive breastfeeding for a minimum of one year, and family planning. 

They believe midwives will reduce maternal and neonatal mortality rates in Haiti. The majority of the world agrees. In September of 2016 MamaBaby Haiti opened a midwifery school.  Their first class graduated in June 2018

They are fundraising because the building they are renting is being sold so they are building their own. During Lent 2020, Be A Heart will be donating a percentage of net sales to MamaBaby Haiti.

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