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My name is Erica Campbell and I am the founder of Be A Heart. I live in San Antonio, TX with my husband, Paul, who is a Marriage and Family Therapist, and our 10-month-old daughter, Frances. In 2013, I prayed the Christmas Novena (which starts tomorrow) asking for Mary to help guide me in my career path because I was very lost. I had this wild idea to become a calligrapher, even though I didn’t really know what calligraphers did. In 2015, as so many doors were closed to me and I was getting more work as a calligrapher, I revisited that idea to invest myself fully in the pursuit. When I asked my spiritual director about how I would know God’s will, he told me that God’s entire will is love and if I could love in my work, then I was following His will. 

Be A Heart has taken many different forms since then, as the Holy Spirit continues to guide me. My hope is that in the beauty of our products, you will always sense God’s wide, all-encompassing love for you. Thank you for supporting not only my family but also our entire team.

teresa monette

Teresa Monette, Customer Service: Teresa lives in Orange County, CA with her husband, Mike, daughter, Judith, and newborn son, Joseph. She makes sure all of our customers and orders are properly cared for, and there is a slight chance we’d fall apart without her.


Nika DyBuncio, Copywriter: Nika becomes an official New Yorker (10 years!) this year after a slightly nomadic upbringing across Asia and the U.S. She has a passion for bringing meaningful brands and products to life through words.

augusta d'ambrosio

Augusta D’Ambrosio, Community Manager: Augusta lives in Dallas, TX with her husband, Marcellino, and their 10-month-old son, Celli. She’s of Aruban, Chinese-Singaporean, Colombian, and Irish descent; and she speaks three languages (English, Spanish, Papiamento). She helps keep our community connected, growing, and thriving through social media.

sonia quintero

Sonia Quintero, Affiliate Manager: Sonia lives in San Diego, CA and is studying PR at San Diego State University. She is first generation-her family is from jalisco Mexico. She has backpacked Europe alone twice & she's trilingual! She runs our affiliate program.

michelle telepak

Michelle Telepak, Photographer: Michelle lives in Gilbert, AZ and is the mother to three sons - Theo, 3, Noah, 2, and Liam, 6 months. Her husband, Gabe, proposed to her at the Disneyland castle with 1,000 balloons! She takes so many of the beautiful photos!


Sara Regnier, Customer Service Support: Sara lives in New York and is helping out while Teresa takes maternity leave!

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