2 Simple Ways to Celebrate Saint Juan Diego Cuahtlatoatzin

The feast day of Saint Juan Diego Cuahtlatoatzin is celebrated on December 9th. He was born in 1474 in Cuauhtitlán (Aztec Empire), which is now modern-day Mexico. He is the patron saint of indigenous peoples of the Americas. Saint Juan Diego is most known for his miraculous encounters with the Mary on the Hill of Tepeyac. During the first encounter, Mary asked him to convey a message to Bishop Juan de Zumárraga, seeking the construction of a church in her honor. On his next encounter, she instructed him to gather flowers. Despite winter, he found Castilian roses, not native to the region, and presented them to the bishop. Upon opening his tilma, an image of the Virgin Mary appeared, now known as Our Lady of Guadalupe. This image is revered in Mexico and symbolizes Catholicism in the Americas, with the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the Hill of Tepeyac being a major Catholic pilgrimage site. Saint Juan Diego was canonized in 2002. 

Below are two simple and meaningful ways to celebrate his feast day. 

Photo by Hannah Hoggatt

Make guacamole

Juan Diego was an Indigenous Nahua; Guacamole originates from his people. Make (or buy!) guacamole to serve with a meal or with your favorite chips. Enjoy!

Photo by Hannah Hoggatt

Make Rose Ink

Follow the steps below to make gorgeous rose ink. 

Supplies needed: 


  1. In an old saucepan, add the rose petals, water, salt, and white vinegar.
  2. Heat the mixture for at least an hour, keeping just below boiling.
  3. Place a coffee-filter-lined funnel into a bowl. Carefully ladle the liquid into the funnel, and discard any rose petals or solids caught in the filter.
  4. While the liquid is still hot, add to the bowl gum arabic at a ratio of 2 1/2 tsp per 1/2 cup of ink.
  5. Add a drop of wintergreen oil to a glass bottle, and then pour your ink into the bottle. Mix well.
  6. Use the ink like water color paint!

Make a gorgeous print for your home or gift to a special friend. 


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Photo by Hannah Hoggatt

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