4 Simple Ways to Celebrate Saint Maximilian Kolbe

The feast of Saint Maximilian Kolbe is celebrated each year on August 14. He was born in Zduńska Wola, Poland in 1894, and died in Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in 1941. Saint Maximilian is the patron saint of addicts, those recovering from addiction, prisoners and families. He is most well-known for his devotion to Mary, his dedication to rid the world of religious indifference and his martyrdom. Saint Maximilian was canonized in 1982.

Join us in celebrating Saint Maximilian with a few simple activities listed below! 


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1. Write a letter to a prisoner

Saint Maximilian died in a concentration camp when he told Nazis to take his life instead of the life of another man who had a wife and children. In honor of this, we encourage you to write a letter(s) to a prisoner.

A few recommended resources: 

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2. Read Journalism

Did you know that Saint Maximilian founded Catholic press publications and radio stations in Poland?! Start reading your local news, and ask your friends which publications or news podcasts they listen to. Keep up on world events and the news. 

3. Spend time with Mary

Saint Maximilian was devoted to Mary. When he was a young boy, he had a vision of her, and told his parents, "I prayed very hard to Our Lady to tell me what would happen to me. She appeared, holding in her hands two crowns, one white, one red. She asked if I would like to have them—one was for purity, the other for martyrdom. I said, ‘I choose both.’ She smiled and disappeared.” (Click here to read more about it!). 

Spend some time with Mary by praying the rosary or singing a verse of "Hail, Holy Queen Enthroned Above." Pray to Mary, or spend some time learning more about her. 

4. Research the Miraculous Medal

Saint Maximilian encouraged wearing the Miraculous Medal as a reminder of Mary's love and care for us. Spend some time today researching the Miraculous Medal and learn about the history and significance of the medal. Try to find a similar medal and wear it with pride. Allow the necklace to serve as a reminder of Mary and her love for you. 

Saint Maximilian's holiness had no limits. His had a strong desire to convert the world to God, and his devotion to Mary was unmatched. Saint Maximilian, pray for us!


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