4 Simple Ways to Celebrate Saint Rose of Lima

We celebrate the feast day of Saint Rose of Lima each year on August 23rd. Saint Rose of Lima was born on April 20, 1586 in Lima, Peru. During the time of her birth, South America was in its first century of evangelization. When Saint Rose’s parents fell into financial trouble, she often spent her time working in a garden during the day and sewing during the evenings. When she was home, she spent most of her time in solitude - she had a deep desire to live the life of Jesus. She even refused to marry (her parents tried to set her up!), and was an obedient member of the Third Order of Saint Dominic. Saint Rose was also very involved in helping others - She even set up a room in her house to care for homeless children, the sick, and the elderly in her community. Her grace and desire to live like Jesus was the forefront of her life. 

Saint Rose of Lima is the patron saint of embroiderers, gardeners, florists, people who are harassed for their piety, and those suffering with family problems. 

In honor of Saint Rose of Lima’s feast day, we’re sharing simple ways to celebrate her. 

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Spend time working on an embroidery project

Saint Rose of Lima often spent her evenings sewing or working on embroidery projects. In honor of her, we encourage you to work on an embroidery project today! We love this floral stitch embroidery, as it serves as a beautiful representation of Saint Rose of Lima’s love for gardening. Click here to download the free template and to view the full supplies list and directions. 

We also gathered a few incredible resources and blogs that share simple, family friendly embroidery projects that you can do alone or with your children. 


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Make a floral arrangement

Celebrate the feast of Saint Rose of Lima by making a beautiful floral arrangement! We love this guide that shares 8 simple steps to arrange flowers like a pro. You can execute this by purchasing fresh flowers from Trader Joes or by visiting your local florist/flower shop to purchase fresh flowers (and support their business). We encourage you to gift the beautiful arrangement to a family member, friend or neighbor. 

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Spend time in your garden

When Saint Rose wasn’t working on an embroidery project, she was likely working in her garden. Take some time out of your busy schedule and spend it outdoors in your own garden. Give your plants some love and attention to help them flourish and grow. If you’ve been thinking about planting new plants or herbs, now is the time to do so! Make a quick trip to your local garden center to pick up a few things to plant in your garden. If you have children, ask them to help you and use this as an opportunity to teach them how to care for a garden. 

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Intentionally pray for your family or another family

Whether you are currently struggling with family problems, or know of someone who is, join us to pray a novena for struggling families, or recite this prayer: 

Lord God,

I give you all the members of our family. You know them all so well and love them all. I ask that you would cover us with a rainbow of hope.

Hope that draws us together to work out our differences.
Hope that helps us to celebrate together and care for one another.
Hope that rides like a banner in our lives and watches over us wherever we go.
Hope that overcomes adversity and gathers strength to overcome.
Hope that guides us and gives us vision for our future alone and together.

Hope filled with love.
Hope that fuels faith.
Hope that breathes peace.

May our family live in you
Underneath your promises. Amen. 

Petitions for Saint Rose

One of the traditions on the Feast Day of Saint Rose of Lima is to go to the church and sanctuary of Saint Rose of Lima and throw a piece of paper with a petition written on it into the well. Throwing the petition into the well is the physical manifestation of letting go of one’s worry and letting the grace and mercy of Saint Rose take care of it. Find a well near you and throw a piece of paper with a petition on it! 


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Enjoy ceviche for dinner

Saint Rose of Lima was the first saint to be canonized from the Americas. Ceviche is the national dish of Peru, and a delicious ode to her home. Make a quick trip to the grocery store to purchase ingredients to make your own ceviche at home - or better yet, treat yourself to your favorite restaurant and order some ceviche! 

Donate to an organization that aids Indigenous people

Saint Rose of Lima is the patron saint of Indigenous people in the Americas and India. Research organizations that help aid indigenous people and offer a donation in their honor. 

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Care for those in need

Saint Rose of Lima lived in a small hut in her garden and made space for the homeless, sick and elderly. Find one thing that you can do today to help care for someone in need. Open your heart to serving others just as Saint Rose did.  

How are you planning to celebrate Saint Rose of Lima? Let us know in the comments below. 

Saint Rose of Lima, pray for us! 


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