Our Favorite Christian Easter Basket Ideas

Too often Easter baskets are focused on bunnies and chicks instead of Jesus and resurrection. We designed fun Easter basket toys that focus on Christ to teach your little ones about the real reason we celebrate. 

1. The Sticker Book (issue one) includes feast days from Easter through the Immaculate Heart of Mary in July. They are great for both children and adults. 


2. We have a Jesus doll for all ages! Our brand new plush Jesus Doll is geared towards babies who will be intrigued by his rattle and also love to cuddle with him. Our Jesus of Nazareth Doll is for older children who will love his companionship. He comes with a little backpack and prayer!

3. Our wooden puzzles are Easter basket favorites! Choose from Mary's Garden Wooden Puzzle, Trinity Wooden Puzzle, and Joyful Noise Wooden Puzzle. The chunky pieces are perfect for little hands. 

4. Our Meal Blessing Silicone Bibs are now Silicone Placemats! They come in three colors and are perfect for all ages to both remember to pray before eating and also keep their mess contained. They stick to the table, roll up, and can be thrown in the dishwasher. 

5. Our sold out baby crinkle books are back in stock just in time for Easter. We have the original Baby's First Devotional with Catholic imagery and a brand new Saint Francis crinkle book.

You can see more ideas here!

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