Top 10 Unique Baptism Gifts

Baptism marks a powerful moment in time, for both the child and their family. One this day, a lifelong promise is made between God and his beloved son or daughter. When it comes to honoring this special sacrament with a meaningful gift, we've rounded up our top 10 unique Baptism gifts that are sure to make a thoughtful statement! 

Crinkle Books 

It's never too early to introduce prayer and meditation to little ones! Our Baby's First Crinkle Book allows the baby to unfold and admire the beautiful hand-drawn illustrations representing our faith. These books are a great way for parents to get involved by helping the baby flip through the pages, sharing the story and teaching about our faith. 

Baby's First Devotional: This book is filled with prayerful pages, crinkle cloth and illustrations of the immaculate heart, sacred heart, divine mercy, monstrance, miraculous medal and the rosary. 

Baby's First Story of Saint Francis: With bright colors and animal friends, little ones can explore nature and discover how the world works, while learning about beloved Saint Francis. 

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

These best-selling swaddle blankets are a must-have for every baby! Perfectly made with breathable muslin fabric, our swaddle blankets are as soft and comfy as they are stylish. The swaddles will keep your little one snuggled up in comfort day in and day out. The blankets get softer after every wash, and are a beautiful addition to any nursery. 

Saint Francis Swaddle Blanket: Our customers' favorite swaddle blanket in a fresh design. This blanket serves as a reminder of Saint Francis and his many miracles. Gift this blanket with Baby's First Story of Saint Francis Crinkle Book to create a thoughtful gift set. 

Saint Therese of Lisieux Swaddle Blanket: Saint Therese is one of everyone’s favorite saints and is the perfect gift for a new baby or for a family with a strong devotion to her! The floral illustrations will help parents teach their child to be a "little flower of Jesus," just like she was. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Wrap little ones up in the arms and comfort of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This gorgeous blanket represents the love and compassion of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  


Gift a child with a doll that represents a significant figure in our faith. From rattle dolls to full-size dolls, little ones can enjoy the dolls in all stages of their life. The dolls will also make a beloved companion for children all ages. 

Jesus and Mary Plush Rattle Dolls: These adorable little lovey dolls are the perfect balance between comfort, sensory, development and the power of Christ’s love. These dolls will be a keepsake that the child will cherish forever. 

Mary, Jesus and Joseph Dolls: All children ages 3+ will love these dolls! Each doll is dressed in a beautifully designed outfit that represents a significant time in their life. These dolls will serve as a constant companion to every child, and represent Jesus, Mary and Joseph’s love. 

*Dress up the Mary Doll with the Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Fatima or Our Lady of Guadalupe outfit kits. 

Mini Suitcase Dolls: Let little ones bring their beloved dolls on the go with this mini Holy Family set. 

Deluxe Muslin Quilts

These quilts are perfect for cozy days at home or to use as a playmat while out and about. These cozy blankets are made from organic cotton and bamboo, and soften with every wash. These large blankets are the perfect size for both babies and toddlers to enjoy. Each quilt is double-sided and features gorgeous designs. 

Holy Spirit Quilt: This beautiful quilt has doves on a bright terra cotta background on the front, and a cobalt blue and white stripe on the back. 

Guardian Angel Quilt: Wrap your child in the arms of Guardian Angels with this comfy and cozy quilt. This quilt features thoughtful hand-drawn illustrations on the front, and a blue-red checkered pattern on the back. 

Keys to the Kingdom Teethers

The silicone baby teethers are more than just a teething ring - They are a symbol of hope and love. Each design has two keys on a ring along with a vintage style hotel keychain. The teethers are made from food grade silicone and are 100% BPA, PVC and Phthalate free, giving parents peace of mind!

Meal Blessing Bibs

Make mealtime memorable with the Meal Blessing Bibs! These vibrant bibs are made from food grade silicone and feature the traditional meal blessing prayer. The bibs serve as a reminder to be grateful, and are BPA and Phthalate free, water and oil resistant and dishwasher safe. 

Meal Blessing Placemats

Take mealtime one step further with the coordinating Meal Blessing Placemats! The colorful placemats match the vibrant bibs, and make for the perfect mealtime gift for babies and toddlers. The placemats also feature the traditional meal blessing prayer and are made from food grade silicone. 

Rosary Rattle

Parents are going to love this one! This wooden rosary rattle is ideal for teething AND it’s quiet (no noise included)! This rosary is designed like a small pocket rosary, which fits perfectly in a baby’s hand. 

Wooden Puzzles

The wooden puzzles are an ideal gift for both parents and children. These puzzles are made from poplar wood, and each piece is cut extra thick to allow children (ages 12 months+) to easily grab, hold and move the pieces. This activity allows children to learn about our faith, while using their mind. 

Mary’s Garden Wooden Puzzle: This puzzle represents Mary’s garden, and includes Mary, seeds, a flower, the sun, a watering can and a shovel.

Trinity Wooden Puzzle: This puzzle includes symbols that represent the Trinity, like a seashell, a rainbow, the sun, a cross, a dove and a lamb.

Joyful Noise Wooden Puzzle: This chunky wooden puzzle is for music lovers and reminds us to give thanks and praise to God.  

Mary Book 

Our beloved Mary Doll comes with a beautiful poem (written by Shannon K. Evans), which we turned into an illustrated children’s book. This book is sturdy enough for little hands, and is available in English and Spanish

*Bonus: Create the ultimate Marian inspired gift with the Mary book and doll


If you are hosting a Baptism gathering, we have some beautifully designed plates, napkins and cups that can dress up any tablescape. 


Shop our best-selling Baptism collection and give your favorite little one a meaningful gift!


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