What does the Good Shepherd Teach Children about Jesus?

What does Jesus as the Good Shepherd teach children (and us, too!)?
馃悜 Jesus is a loving and caring figure who knows each of His sheep by name. This personal relationship is essential for children to understand the closeness and care that Jesus has for each one of them.
馃悜 Jesus is depicted as one who leads, guides, and protects His flock. This helps children feel safe and secure, knowing that Jesus is always watching over them and leading them to good pastures.
馃悜 Jesus lays down His life for His sheep. This introduces children to the concept of sacrificial love and the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for humanity.
馃悜 The imagery of Jesus as the Good Shepherd is peaceful and gentle, which is comforting and relatable for young children. It helps them connect with Jesus in a loving and non-threatening way.
Our Good Shepherd Puzzle is a family favorite because children are so drawn to this story of Jesus.聽
good shepherd chunky wooden puzzle
And have you heard of the amazing faith program, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd? I love to listen to their podcast to learn about ways to聽journey with my own children in their faith journey.聽
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