Hope in Recovery

Updated 5/9/2022

Often on our social media we do not shy away from discussing addiction, eating disorders, mental health and therapy. We even dedicated a whole week to it in late 2020. So often in our communities, these topics are stigmatized and laced with shame. This shame allows the darkness to thrive in our lives. Only in shedding light and talking about them can we find both personal healing and healing in our communities. 

Be A Heart came out of the time of my own life where I got sober from alcohol. I met my husband through some friends who I knew through Alcoholics Anonymous. I have been sober for 8 years and he has been sober for 11. He is now also a licensed Marriage and Family therapist practicing in San Antonio. He has extensive experience in substance abuse and eating disorder treatment. I asked him to share some resources with us for those that might still be struggling. Here is the compilation:

Find a therapist.

General therapist

I've heard finding a therapist through Better Help has been fruitful for some friends

Find a substance abuse therapist

Find a community and resources to journey with you through recovery. 

My husband and I are both active in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
Alcoholics Anonymous 

Narcotics Anonymous
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Self Recovery - an AA alternative

The Brain in Recovery
Association for Addiction Professionals

This is an awesome resource for military members struggling with addiction.

I also really, really love the book Breathing Under Water by Richard Rohr, which relates the 12 steps to the Gospel. 

Catholics in Recovery

resources For those who love addicts.

Al-Anon - a program for people who love someone who is an addict
ACOA - a program for adult children of alcoholics
Mending The Soul - a program for people who have endured abuse in their life. MTS offers a comprehensive look at how abuse has affected us and how to heal from those abuses from a scientific and biblical perspective.
Helping Families Recover from Addiction book by Jean Heaton Lovell

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