Plant a Mary Garden

May is Mary's Month! It is my favorite month of the year. Now that I have my own house and am not renting, I decided it was time to plant a Marian garden! Many flowers and plants have "religious names." I rounded up a bunch of options for sowing that can be done in May. 

You can download the PDF here of what seeds you need for a Mary Garden so you can take it to your local gardening shop (with your mask)!

You can choose a beautiful Marian statue and plant the seeds around her. Tag us on social media so we can see your gardening!!

Mary's Gold
Mary's Flower
Saint Michael's Flower
Our Lady's Flower
Mary's Crown
Mary's Button
Christ's Cloak
Golden Jerusalem
Mary's Rose
Our Lady's Mantle

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I’m so glad to have come across this! I’m in the process of restoring a statue of Our Lady that had graced the yard of my grandparents for decades. Now she will watch my babies as they play in our yard and I’d love to give her a beautiful garden. This is perfect! Thank you!


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