3 Simple Ways to Celebrate The Solemnity of Christ The King

Feast day: 

Last Sunday before Advent
(it's the last Sunday of the Liturgical year!)


Pope Pius XI instituted a special feast honoring Christ “the King” in 1925 after the world was ravaged by the horrors of World War I.


It's a feast to remind us that Jesus is the true King of Peace we long for, "who came to reconcile all things, who came not to be served but to serve." He reigns victorious over all of our sufferings, all war, all governments and authorities.


Even more, the Kingdom of Christ isn’t some far-off reality. We are living in that Kingdom now. We have access to his Kingdom now.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash



On the final Sunday of the liturgical year, we are invited to prepare our heart for the King of Kings. 

Advent is an even more humbling season when we enter it contemplating that the infinite majesty of God chose to become Emmanuel, God With Us, by entering the world as a vulnerable human baby.








Jesus gave His all for us, and held nothing back.

Sacrifice something substantial today in honor of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

Some ideas


  • Intermittent fasting 
  • Do not purchase anything today 
  • Unplug from inessential technology 
  • Eat very simply (bread, water, soup)



Photo by Kamil Szumotalski on Unsplash



Listen to our Christ The King playlist on Spotify  for tunes that will help you contemplate His Kingship and the glory of His Name.

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