6 Simple Ways to Celebrate Our Lady of Fatima

She appeared to Portuguese Shepherd children in 1917

Celebrate with Portuguese Food

Bake Milk Tarts
Bake Portuguese Bread
Make Feijoada

Our Lady of Fatima told them to pray the rosary

Make your own rosary with this kit.

Or make a rosary out of items you have around the house. You can even organize a Nature Rosary.

You can download a Rosary Coloring Sheet as well as the Mysteries of the Rosary cards here.

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pray with this reflection

Written by Shannon K. Evans

Should we doubt her activity in our lives, Our Lady’s apparition at Fatima assures us that no one is missed by her loving gaze: she visited the young, the poor, the uneducated, the working. The littlest ones.Three mere children whose reports of her would be patronized with pats on the head by pitying adults — until they could be no longer. Until the storm clouds broke and the brilliance of the sun danced unbound in the sky as if to say, “behold your Mother, she who visits the poor and births the life of hope in loveless places!”

When we feel small and vulnerable, she mothers us. When we feel poor and in need, she mothers us. When we feel unequipped and insufficient, she mothers us still. 

At Fatima, the Blessed Mother once again ripped the veil of time and space, heaven and earth, to break into our lives and remind us—all, her children—that she is ever near.

Where has Mary appeared in your own life?
In what part of your current situation do you need mothering?
Where can you ask Our Lady of Fatima to be with you in your suffering?

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our lady of fatima revealed herself as the 'angel of peace'

Pray for peace in our world.

Make a watercolor peace wreath like this one from Barley and Birch.

Donate to Catholic Relief Services' Emergency Response and Recovery initiative.

on her 6th visit, Our Lady of Fatima made the sun dance

Brew sun sweet tea

Eat Starbursts

Make sun ray decorations like this one from Handmade Charlotte

Or a sun catcher like this one from the Nurture Store

dance like the sun

Listen to our Spotify Playlist curated especially for this feast day!


Marian Bandana

Marian Quilt

Fatima Outfit Kit

Fatima Print

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