7 simple ways to celebrate the feast of Saint Patrick

wear green

To express an outward prayer of unity and peace between all cultures and religions

The Irish Tricolor Flag was first created as a symbol for the inclusion and hoped-for union between Irish Catholics and Protestants. 


  • Green represents Irish Catholics
  • Orange represents Irish Protestants
  • White represents the peace between them


It was first flown during battles for Irish independence against British rule. And became the nation’s flag when Ireland gained independence.

Eat green or irish-inspired food to celebrate the beauty of Irish culture







While you’re eating or cooking, celebrate extra with our St. Patrick’s Day Spotify playlist!

eat green

Fast from alcohol

Fast from alcohol as the early Catholics in Ireland did to celebrate

Until the 1960’s in Ireland, St. Patrick’s day was observed as a solemnity where most abstained from alcohol. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with also celebrating with a pint of Guinness or a bit of Irish whiskey! But fasting from alcohol could be a unique way to celebrate this year. Maybe drink some sparkling water instead. San Pellegrino has a green bottle ;) 

A common Gaelic toast still used in Ireland is “Slainte!” - which could also be fun to incorporate into meal times.


One God, Three persons
One plant, Three leaves

LISTEN: Why the Trinity Matters podcast (14 min)

"Without self-giving love, we are not fully alive." Learn about how the Holy Trinity is applicable to our spiritual life as more than an abstract idea. It's a model of community and a reflection of how God created us in His image and therefore, created us for community (just like Him).


Create a shamrock out of paper to teach your kids like St. Patrick taught the pagan Irish about the Holy Trinity using our shamrock coloring page + cut out. 

Sign of the Cross: Talk today about how when we make the sign of the cross, it is an expression of our belief in the Trinity (In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit).

Meditate on the Holy Trinity

Learn about saint Patrick's life

Patron saint of Ireland and engineers

Quick & kid-friendly: Saint Stories for Kids (6 min)


Short & kid-friendly: Catholic Heroes: The Story of Saint Patrick (29min)


Longer audiobook for car rides, doing dishes, or extended celebration: The Trials of Saint Patrick (3hr 21min) - Narrated by Welshman John Rhys-Davies (who played Gimli in Lord of the Rings)


Write in your journal (like he did often in his “Confessio”) and reflect honestly on your day.  


  • What are three ways I succeeded today? 
  •  What are three things I could’ve done better? 


Cultivate gratitude

St. Patrick wrote “I will not be silent because of my desire for thanksgiving.” Though he believed himself to be imperfect, he continued to minister and serve anyway. Most of his energy to serve came through his practice of gratitude for God’s blessings. 


  • What are three things I am grateful for today?


Combat self-doubt

Photo by Eric Masur on Unsplash

Donate to help refugees

St. Patrick was born in modern day UK but was kidnapped as a teenager by pagan Irish pirates. 

He endured much suffering and finally escaped after 6 years as an enslaved worker. 

The most incredible part of his story is that he RETURNED to Ireland a few years later to bring the love of Jesus to the Irish people as a missionary. 

In his honor, donate to an organization that helps people like St. Patrick who have been forcibly removed from their homeland.

Our favorite is Catholic Relief Services.




Saint Patrick, pray for u s

We’ve also got this free download of the St. Patrick breastplate prayer to use for quiet time or decorating your home. It could even be used as a kid’s activity and taped to a shirt as a makeshift “breastplate”.

You can download the breastplate, Kid's activity, ways to celebrate the feast day and more ways to live liturgically this Lent by downloading our Lenten Liturgical Guide.

Looking for more inspiration on how to celebrate the Liturgical seasons? 

Living The Seasons: Simple Ways To Celebrate The Beauty Of Your Faith Throughout The Year is a full-color guide to creatively celebrate our faith. Each page is filled with beautiful inspiration with effortless directions to celebrate feast days, holy days and seasons within the Church. This will be your resource for living liturgically! Now available for pre-order on our website


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