All Saints Day Celebration

all saints day party

On November 1st, we celebrate All Saints Day! It was never a big tradition in my family growing up - other than going to Mass. But what a beautiful day to celebrate! We all have so much going on in our regular busy schedules so I wanted to create resources for everything you need to celebrate the day with either a party where you invite the neighborhood kids over, a brunch with your college girlfriends, or simply at home with your family.

all saints day party

Everything that I used for this party can be found in our shop - All Saints Day party goods (plates, cups, and napkins), Saints Enamel Pins, Saints Sticker Sheets, and our All Saints Day Celebration Guide. You can edit the All Saints Day Party invitation to include your own details and pick and choose what recipes you want to share! The guide gives you 33 ideas from all around the world to celebrate all the beautiful differences of the Saints and honor where they come from.

all saints day recipes

You can have kids help cut out the Saints to string them on a garland as well as make cute cupcake toppers!

all saints day garland

all saints day cupcake toppersYou can either prepare the Saint candles before the day or have your guests choose their favorite Saint and make their own!

all saints day candles

A fun way to learn more about the Saints is with a game of bingo! There are 12 different game boards and an option to play with images or clues. How cute are lifesavers markers for halos??

all saints day bingo

 You can get all sorts of ideas for costumes for you (or your guests) and host a costume contest or simply have each person tell a little bit about their Saint!

all saints day costume ideas

And so that everyone can continue growing in friendship with the Saints, party favors are a great way to send them home with tangible reminders. You can include Saint enamel pins, Saint sticker sheets, and Holy Cards!

all saints day party


I really hope that in celebrating All Saints Day, we celebrate that each of these men and women discovered who God made them to be and continually called them to be. May we be inspired to discover in our own selves who God is calling us to be - what unique gifts He has entrusted us to bring to the world. 

I cannot wait to see how you celebrate!


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What a lovely idea and great resource! But how will we be able to get the stickers??


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