First time mom? Must add baby registry items!

When I imagined being pregnant, I thought it would be a time of pure joy and cute baby bumps. Instead I was met with morning sickness that I would say felt more like having the flu with a hangover every day for 3 months. God bless all pregnant women everywhere. 

Now that I'm feeling a little bit better in my second trimester, I figured I would start our baby registry for people already asking. But then I was completely overwhelmed with so.much.stuff. So I took to instagram to ask all my mom friends for their go-to registry items that they actually used as well as what they got and didn't use. With all their suggestions, I made categories and tallied when multiple people suggested the same item. Here are the most common suggestions:

Baby Strollers

We plan on having more than one child so I asked for strollers that can be converted to hold multiple kids.

The winner with the most suggestions was the Baby Jogger City Select. There is a 2019 version soon to be released if you have a little bit of time. The stroller with the second most suggestions was the UPPAbaby Vista.

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers really come down to preference for both you and baby. There are three types of carriers - wraps, ring slings, and front carrier. A couple of favorite brands were mentioned multiple times. The Ergobaby 360 was the most popular. I also really love Sakura Bloom Scout carriers. So many people love the Solly Baby wraps - they have so many different textiles to fit your own style. And then lastly are the ring slings by Wildbird.

 Ergobaby 360 carrier Sakura Bloom Carrier  solly baby wrap Wildbird Ring Sling


Every single person suggested the Nuna Pipa Carseat so that's a no brainer. 

Nuna Pipa Carseat

Breastfeeding, Bottles + Binkies

I got so many recommendations for the Haakaa Manu Breast pump to catch any leakage from the opposite side than the baby is on. 

Haakaa Breast Pump my breast friend nursing pillow 

I've also heard so many great things about the My Brest Friend for a nursing pillow rather than the Boppy. 

And if you need bottles, people seem to love the Lifefactory Bottles.

lifecycle bottle

Frances ended up loving the Comotomo bottles.

comotomo bottles

As for pacifiers (or as I call them, binkies) there are a few different options. I'm a fan of the Natursutten Orthodontic pacifier. Others suggested the BIBS pacifier, which has so,so,so many color options. And lastly, if you are worried about losing them, you can get the Wubbanubs.

pacifier bibs pacifier wubbanub pacifier  

Bath Time + Diapering

There were many recommendations for the Puj Tub

puj tub 

They also said you need Aquaphor 3 in 1 Diaper Rash Cream as well as the Boogie Bottom Spray. And the NoseFrida is a must.

aquaphor rash cream boogie bottom nosefrida

EDITED to add: we LOVE our Tubby Todd bath goodies. This link will give you 10% off your first purchase. 

tubby todd

Baskets, Beds, and Bouncers

For the first months of baby's life, you'll want some sort of bassinet to have close to your bed for nighttime feeds. Everyone loves the Moses Basket for both functionality and look. You can easily take it from room to room during the day and also get the stand for it in your room.

moses basket moses basket stand

So many people suggested either the Dock-a-tot or the Snuggle Me Organic. You can even place them inside the basket for extra comfort. The Snuggle Me Organic has so many color options for whatever matches your decor! 

doc a tot snuggle me organic

I had a lot of people recommend the Baby Bjorn Bouncer as well as the Mamaroo (which personally looks like a nightmare to store).

baby bjorn bouncer

EDITED: We ended up getting the Charlie Crane Rocker and we love it because it isn't an eyesore and baby also really loves it.

charlie crane rocker

And if you have a grandma who wants to spoil you (or you really value your sleep - I raise my hand), the SNOO is worth the investment (or you can even rent it!)


Other sleep aid must-haves are the Dohm sound machine and we particularly love the Rohm sound machine because we can take it with us wherever we go!

dohm sound machinerohm sound machine

If you travel regularly, you'll want a bed that you can transport. A few people suggested the Lotus Travel Crib along with its shade and mosquito net. And lastly, a baby bumbo is great when baby starts sitting. I find the classic blue to be very ugly so I found one that is a little easier on the eyes...

lotus travel crib baby bumbo

Swaddles and Sleep Sacks

Here I'll plug our baby swaddles! We get so many messages of how they are the most soft and their favorite swaddles to use. In addition to muslin swaddle blankets, you'll also need sleep sacks. People suggested the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle, the Woolino Sleepsack and the Miracle Blanket. Don't forget to check out our All Saints 8-layer Quilt for that extra warmth.

We ended up buying and LOVING the Ollie Swaddle for sleep times.

 halo sleepsack swaddle woolino sleepsack miracle blanket swaddle

ollie swaddle

One of my friends also recommended getting magnetic pajamas for easy changing in the night. And we ended up loving any and all sleep gowns because they were even easier.

magnetic pajamassleep gown


Register for plenty of your basics because you need a lot of backups while the others are being washed. Regular Gerber Cloth Diapers can be used for so many things - thick burp clothes, a place to lay the baby down to change a diaper, wipe drool, etc. And then your classic Carter's white onesies, of course.

burp cloth carter's onesies

Every baby loves Sophie the giraffe as a teether. And the Gathre mats are all the rage right now! You can get all different sizes for various needs.

sophie the giraffe gathre mat 

We also signed up for the Lovevery toy subscription and wish I'd known about it sooner. The toys are so beautifully made and they give you so many tips of how to play with baby for developmental growth! This link will give you $20 off your first box. 

lovevery coupon code

What else would you add to a new mom's registry?

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Kidzgeek has the best article for babies. They have very good stuff and they made reviews that will help us parents decide which item has your needs and safe for your baby. It gives me a few new ideas to consider.


Kidzgeek has the best article for babies. They have very good stuff and they made reviews that will help us parents decide which item has your needs and safe for your baby. It gives me a few new ideas to consider.


You really have so many great things covered…literally the essentials. The only 2 things I thought of while ready are the super sharp “Safety first” brand baby fingernail clippers. Newborn nails are fragile, close to the skin and sooo sharp that they scratch themselves all the time and with grown up clippers I always ended up cutting the baby!!!! Also the little hand gloves are helpful too-essential with my last kid who was always swatting and scratching his face by accident- thought eventually their hands need to breathe so I learned to take breaks on them so they didn’t get clammy. Sooo exciting.


So many of my top picks are listed!! My baby #4 just turned 1, so I am mostly through babyhoodx4. You definitely have a solid list! My 2 cents-baby carrier-wise, you’ll probably have/get/want more than one for different ages and uses. Wraps are great for little babies, slings are great for quick use/littles, ergo-types are better for older and/or longer carrying times!

And the mamaroo does break down into a relatively small/flat box, so don’t let the shape scare you! It has a much smaller footprint than most swings do!


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